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Captain Atom was a member of the Justice League after the Thanagarian invasion.

Captain Atom first appeared on the Justice League during the team expansion that followed the Thanagarian invasion of Earth. During his first mission he helped Green Arrow, Green Lantern and Supergirl stop an atomic-powered juggernaut during a rampage through the Chong-Mai region of China, though it caused his containment suit to rupture. He was also part of an orbital defense team that was set up by the Justice League to prevent the evolved Amazo from reaching Earth, to no avail. Later, he was re-commissioned by the U.S. military for the purpose of protecting Project Cadmus and attempted to use his powers to stop Superman and Huntress from taking The Question out of the facility during an interrogation, but was defeated by Superman and brought to the Watchtower for repairs on his containment suit. During that time, Captain Atom helped defend the team from hordes of Ultimen clones that were sent by Project Cadmus to board the satellite and attack them.


  • Unique Physiology: Captain Atom no longer has a physical body, he is simply energy contained in a suit.[1]
    • Energy Absorption: Captain Atom can absorb any kind of energy that he desires. However, a large amount of energy could be too much for Adams which may lead to destructive results.[1][2]
    • Energy Projection: Captain Atom can produce a large amount of radioactive nuclear energy which he can fire from beams in his hand or outwards as an explosion.[3][4][5]
    • Energy Resistance: Captain Atom can withstand a large amount of energy based attacks. Being burned, irradiated and shot with beams may harm him but never enough to do real damage.[1]
    • Flight: Captain Atom can fly unaided on earth, in space and under battle conditions.[1][6][3]
    • Superhuman Strength[6]
    • Self-Sustenance: He can survive in space unaided, does not need to eat, breathe or sleep.[3]
    • Radiation Production: Captain Atom can control radiation as well as emit it. This includes Red Sun radiation.[7]


  • Military Protocol: Captain Atom is a trained military personnel who functions almost solely off his military protocols. This often gives him the strength to be brave even if a little cold.[1]


  • Power Instability: He is an energy being that is contained within a special humanoid body suit. Any puncture in the suit can cause him to leak out, resulting in a massive energy explosion.[1]


  • Captain Atom's Containment Suit: While Captain Atom doesn't have a high level of durability himself, his suit contains all the life support he needs. However, if the suit is disrupted from the inside then it can and will rupture and leak.



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