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Quote1 The murderers, thieves, rapists... James Gordon is one of them. When I get out of here and, trust me I will, he'll be the first that I judge. He and all the other human garbage that plague this city. All will be tried, convicted, and executed! I will purge Gotham, and the innocents will thank me: their saviour. Their Executioner. Quote2
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Nathaniel Barnes was the former captain at the GCPD Headquarters.

Military Background

On Barnes' third tour of Iraq, he found himself in a difficult situation where he had placed a gun in a terrorist's mouth. His intentions were to scare the man but never thought he would pull the trigger. The next thing he realized, he had blown the man's brains out and was now guilty of murder. Barnes referred to this as his defining moment in realizing how laws separated humans from chaos.[1]


Barnes was then transferred to Gotham city as the Police Captain of the GCPD after his predecessor, Sarah Essen, was murdered.[2] His first order of business was to clean up the corrupt department by firing several GCPD officials who had performed illegal activities while on the job. He looked to Jim Gordon to assist him as they both had military backgrounds and believed in enforcing the law to the letter.[3]

Nathaniel Barnes was infected with the Alice Tetch virus, bringing out his inner most desire to bring justice to the city of Gotham. He started taking the law into his own hands, killing various criminals he judged as "guilty".[4] Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock became suspicious of Barnes, and started investigating. Barnes invites Jim on a ride-along to a criminal warehouse, where he slaughters the criminals and almost killed Gordon. Barnes is stopped and imprisoned in Arkham Asylum.[5] Barnes is broken out by the Court of Owls, and asked by Kathryn to kill Gordon, who she found was a traitor to her organization. Barnes nearly executed Gordon, but was stopped when Gordon pulled the pin on one of his grenades, giving him enough time for Harvey and the GCPD to come his rescue. Barnes later showed up at the police station, trashing it and confronting Gordon, Bullock, and Alfred Pennyworth, who had Kathryn in their custody. Kathryn demanded Barnes escort her out of the station, but Barnes decapitated her. Barnes was defeated, but escaped custody.[6]


As a result of the infection caused by Alice Tetch's blood, Barnes gained the following powers:


Other Characteristics





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