Nathan Finch, alias Gearhead is a villain with a robotic body.

Finch was a former engineer at General Robotics. While he kept the boss's daughter, Gloria Osteen, captive awaiting the ransom money, he faced the Batman, who rescues her. Unfortunately, Batman was not able to save Nathan from falling into a frozen lake.

Nathan Finch's body was discovered by two thugs who took the body to an illegal doctor whose expertise was in cybersecurity. Much of Finch's body was frozen due to the cold temperature of the lake, so the doctor removed his damaged body parts and changed them out for cybernetic prostheses. As a result, Nathan becomes Gearhead and creates his own cyber arsenal that he uses to try and kill Batman, who he blames for his condition.

He worked as hired muscle for Nicholas Scratch during the time when the United States Government was deciding whether to rebuild Gotham or abandon it.[1]

No Man's Land

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He played an important role in the No Man's Land storyline, in which he is one of the villains who vie for control of the sewers of Gotham City. Without his cybernetic parts, he is forced to partner with Tommy Mangles, who carries Finch around on his neck. The duo was frozen by Mister Freeze, a fitting end for Gearhead, given his origin.

Infinite Crisis

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Gearhead reappears in Infinite Crisis, where he becomes a member of the The Secret Society of Super-Villains.



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