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Neutron is a Reach abductee who was experimented on which triggered his Meta-Gene powers of nuclear radiation generation.


  • Radiation Production: Neutron has the metagene to generate powerful waves of radiation from his body. While this ability was dormant inside him, he was experimented upon by aliens which triggered this ability and made it uncontrollable.
    • Regeneration: Neutron's more powerful explosions will eliminate his human body without a suit to contain it. If his body does get destroyed, he can regenerate it from a cellular level over the span of a few seconds.
    • Energy Projection: Neutron can project powerful blasts of radiation from his hands or from his body. He can expand this radiation so quickly that none of the Flash Family could run through the intervals of explosions.


  • Science: Neutron understands his radiation and has used it for criminal gains. However, he has since reformed and used his knowledge of technology and radiation to send Bart Allen back in time to stop the future from occurring as well as save himself from dying.




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