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Quote1.png Before your body was transformed into living nuclear energy, your name was Nathaniel Tryon. You were a security guard at the Metropolis power plant until a meltdown changed you into this. You hunted down those you blamed for the accident and tried to kill them, but Superman stopped you. You became a metahuman gun-for-hire. Quote2.png
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Nathaniel Tryon, known by his alias Neutron, was a mercenary sent to kill Lex Luthor at LexCorp.

Neutron botched the job, though, and accidentally released Luthor's Amazo Virus into Metropolis.[1]

Neutron was housed in LexCorp while the Justice League handled the virus. Without his ability to absorb radiation, Neutron developed multiple cancer tumors across his body. Neutron was left bedridden until Luthor attempted to cure his cancer before the Darkseid War begun.[2]


  • Radioactive Physiology: Nathaniel Tryon has the power to control, absorb and generate nuclear energy from his body at will. This effectively makes him a walking atom bomb which can strike with equal force of such.[1]
    • Energy Absorption: Neutron could metabolize and store radiation in his body.
    • Radiation Production: Neutron naturally gives off copious amounts of atomic radiation which is lethal to those around him.
    • Superhuman Durability: Tryon was beaten by Aquaman stabbed in the side with his mystic trident yet showed little to no physical injury.
    • Energy Projection: He can also emit deadly blasts of focused nuclear energy from his hands or as an area of effect blast if need be.
    • Flight: Neutron can also fly under his own power.


  • Cancer: When Neutron was affected by the Amazo Virus, it disabled his ability to harness radiation, instead turning it into multiple deadly tumors across his body.[3] Lex Luthor tried to cure him but was interrupted by the beginning of the Darkseid War.[2]



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