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The Wayne Family in North America can be traced back at least to a Scotsman named Nathaniel Wayne and other familiar members who were merchants.[citation needed] Nathaniel was a witchfinder in Gotham Colony in 1640 under the alias Brother Malleus.

During this time Bruce Wayne had been trapped in the Omega Sanction travelling from era to era, seemingly tethered to Gotham City. There he assumed the role of Mordecai, a traveller sent from Boston to assist Malleus and his fellow witch hunters with their search for the source of Gotham Colony's woes.

Brother Malleus and Mordecai become acquainted with a painter named Martin Van Derm who would paint his portrait and was left with written accounts from Bruce, seemingly with arcane instructions for the writing and painting's keeping. There Mordecai befriended a witch named Annie who worshipped ancient Gods of the Miagani, or Bat-People. While Mordecai was sent forward into the future, Annie was blamed for the Gotham Colony's poor crops and burned at the stake, only as she cursed Malleus and the Wayne family line til the end of time.[1]