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National City is a city in California. Supergirl is the resident superhero. National City is also the home of Cat Grant's CatCo Worldwide Media.


Points of Interest


Sports Teams

  • National City Sharks (football)
  • National City Vipers (basketball)
  • A short-lived basketball franchise[1]


  • Located roughly two hours by car from Montecito.[2]
  • A city of unknown location named National City was intoduced in Xero #1 as the home of Trane Walker of the National City Vipers. It was apparently forgotten and a new city of that name gained prominence as the setting for the TV series Supergirl, which was then carried over into the comics. The latter version first appeared in the comics Action Comics (Volume 2) #51, after a mention in Batman/Superman #31.
  • On screen, National City is usually depicted as Los Angeles, at least from exterior shots (or the first season's filming locations).

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