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Natt the Hat Walls was a friend of Tommy Monaghan.

Natt the Hat was a Marine who fought in the first Gulf War. He became friends with Tommy Monaghan, and the two became hitmen.

Natt the Hat grew up in a bad neighborhood in Gotham City. To escape his situation, he enlisted with the United States Marine Corps. While in basic training, he met Tommy Monaghan, who saved him from two fellow recruits who were mugging the other marines. Tommy and Natt were sent to Iraq during the Persian Gulf War, and while there they killed a group of British S.A.S. agents who they thought were Iraqi soldiers. This was the only action they saw in Iraq. After the war, Natt moved to Detroit and joined the Rollin' Sixties gang. When his mother died, he returned to Gotham and reconnected with his friend Tommy.


  • Natt the Hat earned his nickname by consistently wearing the same hat he'd worn since adolescence.