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Neal Adams (b. June 15, 1941 – d.April 28, 2022) was a comic book artist and writer.

Professional History

Adams is probably best known for creating some of the definitive modern imagery of the characters Superman, Batman, and Green Arrow. He began his career in 1960, working for Archie Comics in the Archie's Jokebook Magazine. He was then hired by Warren Publishing. Adams' first published work for DC Comics was in 1967 in the title Our Army at War (Volume 1); and after his good performance, he moved on to work on titles as Adventures of Jerry Lewis (Volume 1), Action Comics (Volume 1); The Brave and the Bold (Volume 1); Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane (Volume 1); Strange Adventures (Volume 1), Detective Comics (Volume 1); Batman (Volume 1) and many more.

Adams is also known for being the co-creator of Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins in his run on the Batman comics along with writer Dennis O'Neil, as well as Man-Bat with writer Frank Robbins. He also co-created John Stewart with O'Neil during their run on Green Lantern (Volume 2).

Personal History

Adams attended the School of Industrial Art high school in Manhattan and graduated in 1959. He lived in New York with his wife and he had three sons.

Work History


  • Adams was a creators-rights advocate who helped secure a pension and recognition for Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

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