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Neal Emerson is Doctor Polaris, an incredibly strong and powerful super-villain who manipulates magnetic forces. He served on one of the original Suicide Squad teams and is primarily an enemy of the Green Lanterns of Earth.


Neal Emerson grew up in an abusive household alongside his brother Seth, from a young age Emerson was obsessed with magnets and their properties. Because of the abuse he suffered Emerson withdrew emotionally and developed a dark personality called Doctor Polaris, based off his interest in the magnetic forces.[1] Eventually Neal grew older and got a medical degree. With his medical degree Neal began developing ways to use magnets in order to kill cancer and cure other ailments. After years of experimenting with magnets Emerson developed the ability to manipulate magnetic fields with his mind.[2]

Neal had the idea to inject iron into the brains of people and manipulate into killing cancers in all different parts of the body. However the science community shunned him, calling the process potentially dangerous. After being shunned by the science board he was attacked by several media outlets, calling him a fraud. Everyone, including family, believed the lies and senseless attacks of the media and the science board, everyone except Seth.[2]

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  • Magnetic Manipulation: Doctor Polaris is capable of manipulating electromagnetic fields, allowing him to lift heavy metallic objects. He is strong enough with his powers to bring the Justice League Watchtower down to Earth[3], and has used metal objects to apply enough force to overwhelm constructs created by Green Lantern Rings.[4] He is able to manipulate the metals deep in the Earth to create Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other atrocities.[2] He also has the ability to sense metals around him, he can determine what they are and how far away they are.[4]
    • Flight: Neal can manipulate the magnetic energy around him to make himself levitate and even fly.[4]
    • Electromagnetism: ability to project or manipulate many forms of energy that are related to magnetism.
    • Magnetic Force-Fields': Neal can erect electro-magnetic force fields with a high degree of impenetrability, protecting himself or others from almost any psionic, energy, or physical attack.
    • Energy Absorption: He was able to completely absorb the electromagnetic pulse that arose as a result of a nuclear explosion.


Other Characteristics

  • Dual Personalities: Neal Emerson suffers from Bipolar Disorder. One personality is the rational and tame Doctor Neal Emerson. The other personality is the chaotic and pure evil Doctor Polaris.



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