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The demon Nebiros was an enemy of Blue Devil.

Dan Cassidy, wearing his Blue Devil exosuit which he designed himself to create and/or simulate super-powers, is acting in a movie being shot on location in actual ruins on the Devil's Isle. After his scene, Dan returns to his trailer where he laments his secret love for actress Sharon Scott.

Sharon, meanwhile, has joined fellow actor Wayne Tarrant in an exploration of the ruins. Sharon finds an artifact shaped like a devil's head and a corresponding indentation near what appears to be a door. When Sharon places the artifact into the indentation the door opens freeing the demon Nebiros from 6,000 years of captivity. The two actors flee to where the rest of the crew are and Nebiros follows. Sharon finds Dan and tells him what happened.

Dan, as Blue Devil, confronts Nebiros who mistakes him for an actual demon and the two fight. Marla Bloom orders the crew to film the entire battle. After a while Nebiros attacks Blue Devil with an eyebeam energy meant to siphon off his occult powers which leaves Dan unconcious. Nebiros grabs Sharon, recognizing her as the one who freed him, and heads back to the ruins. Norm Paxton, a cameraman, mounts a bulldozer and rams it into Nebiros but the demon destroys it quickly and continues on his way. The crew follow the demon.

Blue Devil comes to and feels that the energy has done something to him but quickly puts his thoughts on the matter aside as he sees the demon is holding Sharon. Blue Devil resumes his attack freeing Sharon who runs to Wayne. Marla Bloom arrives and criticizes Wayne for his lack of bravery. Wayne decides he should take the helicopter and go for help but as he runs he realizes he is not running for help but running for safety. He decides to try to help. He finds some cable and, using some roping skills learned from a previous rodeo film he worked on, manages to lasso Nebiros around the neck. He and several others hoist the rope temporarily halting Nebiros' rampage.

This gives Blue Devil a quick breather and he resumes his attack. Sharon and Wayne point out the cavern/door from where Nebiros was freed and they make a plan to trap him again. Blue Devil leaps onto Nebiros and uses his trident to propell them both through the opening. He tells Sharon to close the door but she is worried about trapping Blue Devil inside. Marla, Wayne and Norm grab Blue Devil's legs as he goes and pull him to safety as Sharon removes the devil's head-shaped artifact from the panel sealing Nebiros inside.

Later, Blue Devil and Superman wait on the Justice League Satellite where Blue Devil meets Elongated Man. After a discussion on the need for secret identities, Blue Devil challenges Superman to an arm wrestling match to help determine Blue Devil's strength level. With some encouragement from Elongated Man, Superman agrees and easily defeats Blue Devil. Zatanna Zatara appears and Superman introducers her as the person he thought might help. After an unsuccessful attempt to remove Blue Devil's costume magically, Zatanna magically summons the Demonography book from Shadowcrest where she learns more of Nebiros' history:

Ages ago, before the dawn of history, Nebiros was worshiped by an unnamed "warlike race." In gratitude for the offerings Nebiros helped them conquer many lands becoming a world power and threatening the other kingdoms, such as Mu, Atlantis and Lemuria. The greatest mages of these lands banished Nebiros and defeated his armies. Ultimately all of Neibros' lands sank beneath the oceans except the island where he was found.

Marla Bloom sends Norm Paxton back to the Devil's Isle to get establishing shots of the terrain for the movie. He reluctantly goes. Sharon Scott calls and she and Marla discuss the court injunction against Blue Devil and the fact that Sharon can't find him as he left with Superman before she could reach him.

Zatanna and Blue Devil teleport to the Devil's Isle as she determines that only Nebiros can undo the magic that grafted the costume onto Blue Devil. Zatanna mends the broken devil's head shaped artifact and opens the portal to Nebiros' dimension. Blue Devil enters and after a brief altercation with a flying inhabitant finds Nebiros who reveals that he has magically infused Blue Devil's trident (lost in their initial encounter) with occult energy. Nebiros grabs Blue Devil and heads to the portal. Sensing Blue Devil's approach, Zatanna opens the portal to let him out only for Nebiros also to leave. Nebiros makes it out of the ruins and uses his trident to down Norm Paxton's helicopter which lands safely. Zatanna deduces that Nebiros has some problem with water and douses him. What effect this has is unclear but the heroes are confident that his island will keep him contained. But Nebiros can now leave the island thanks to the trident and he flies off heading for Mexico coastline. Zatanna and Blue Devil magically follow leaving Norm and the helicopter pilot trapped on the island.

Blue Devil and Zatanna Zatara are on the Justice League Satellite searching for Nebiros. Elongated Man, who is still on monitoring duty, finds an intense concentration of mystical energy in northern Mexico and Blue Devil and Zatanna transport there.

In the village of Santa Guadalupe, Nebiros goes on a rampage that there are no longer temples dedicated to him. Using Blue Devil's trident, now imbued with magical energy, causes two long dormant volcanoes to erupt.

Zatanna and Blue Devil, who teleported to Durango, spot the volcanoes. Blue Devil tries, at Zatanna's urgings, to mentally summon the trident but Nebiros senses the attempt and sends some mystical energy to discourage him. They contact the Mexican authorities and are soon aided by General Ruiz of the military. They head in Nebiros' direction.

Nebiros, meanwhile, senses that his temple is not destroyed, just long buried and brings it to the surface. The military begins arriving and Norm Paxton, camera in hand, parachutes to the area with orders from Marla Bloom to film everything.

Marla and Eddie are at in an office hallway where the meet Mel, the attorney who delivered the injunction against Blue Devil, and speak via phone with Jock Verner. Marla tells him she is cancelling the injunction against Blue Devil and Jock and Marla make threats against each other.

In Mexico the military attacks Nebiros and his temple and, in response, Nebiros summons a horde of demons to his aid. Zatanna and Blue Devil launch their own attack, with Norm following close behind. While Zatanna keeps the demons occupied, Blue Devil attacks Nebiros head on. Blue Devil goads Nebiros into throwing the trident at him. Once the trident is free from Nebiros' direct control, Blue Devil tries again to summon it. After a concentration battle, the trident goes to Blue Devil who becomes temporarily affected by the power. Blue Devil uses the magical energy to banish the demons and destroy the temple. Zatanna creates a vortex to suck all the "unearthly elements" back to Nebiros' home dimension but it's not strong enough to pull Nebiros in. Blue Devil pushes him into the vortex with a blast from his trident and Nebiros is once again locked away. Zatanna tells Blue Devil that the trident still has magical energy, then she kisses him and tells him to call her before flying off leaving Blue Devil and Norm left to accept the gratitude of the Mexican people.



  • Magic/Transmutation: Nebrios can only be harmed by breaking the laws of science or supernatural means. Firestorm finally defeated him by transmuting the water in his body into cement.[3]
  • Vulnerability to Water: Nebios has a strong aversion to water even though it doesn't appear to harm or weaken him in any way.[4]

  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.



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