Long, long ago, the demon named Etrigan cut off the skin of the demon Nebiros. His skin ended up in the hands of the Cassidy family, who protect the world from evil by sucking the belief (which is what powers magic) out of dangerous artifacts. Liam Cassidy, the grandfather of Daniel Cassidy also known as the Blue Devil, had this legacy passed to him, and to cheapen the artifacts, he made silly horror movies with them so that people would laugh at them. Nebiros himself ended up trapped in one, a golden chalice that was used in the movie "The Demon Chalice", where to work, the chalice needed blood. Tobias Whale got a hold of it, and exposed it to the blood of one of his men. When he did, Nebiros was set free. He teamed up with Whale to capture the Blue Devil and Black Lightning, since he discovered that the Blue Devil Suit is actually his long lost skin, and also because he was promised an endless supply of souls. He and Whale spreaded a new drug to the streets, a drug that sucked the soul of the one who took it and brought it straight to Nebiros. He was eventually trapped in Tobias Whale's body by the Blue Devil and Whale went into a coma.[1] It is unknown what happened to Nebiros after Tobias Whale was revealed to be an imposter and killed by the real Tobias Whale while he was still in the coma.[2]



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