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Quote1.png The living have wills of their own... but the dead have only the will that you give them! Quote2.png
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Necromina is a subject of Darkseid. She has the ability to raise and command the undead.

Necromina asked for Darkseid's permission to take control of the Dreggs of Apokolips. Darkseid demanded her to capture Orion, and in exchange he would grant her wish. For the task, Darkseid granted her the Mortis Mark, an apparatus that presumably grants control over the dead.[1] With that power on her hands, Necromina teleported to Earth and raised her army of undead. To lure Orion, she used Victor Lanza, and old friend a previous possessor of the Anti-Life Equation, as bait. Orion confronted the swarm of undead, but Necromina overtook him. Wanting to save his friend, Victor attempted to stop Necromina. But she killed him in the spot, and took Orion to Apokolips.[2]

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  • Necromancy: After getting implanted with the Mortis Mark, Necromina gained the ability to animate and control the undead.
  • Flight: Necromina's only known power before augmentation by the Science Priests was her ability to fly and levitate.
  • Teleportation: Aside from Necromancy, Necromina was also given the power to teleport seemingly anywhere, she was able to teleport from Apokolips to earth and back without the use of Boom Tube.