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Quote1.png There's something inside me. I wouldn't say we're friends, but... there's definitely a connection there. And for years, I didn't know what it was, or what it wanted... but now I think I might. Quote2.png
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The Negative Spirit is an alien energy being that was once fused to Larry Trainor by Niles Caulder. The frightened but understanding being waited patiently inside Larry for years, the two unable to communicate with each other, until they finally learned to coexist. When it finally left Larry's body, it left behind Keeg to help him evolve.

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The Negative Spirit was an alien energy being that existed in deep space, floating freely around a nebula with others like it. It eventually made its way to the Solar System and floated just outside the atmosphere of the system's third planet, Earth, when it fused with a female Russian cosmonaut. At some point, however, the spirit and the cosmonaut separated, releasing the spirit back into the atmosphere.[1]

Fusing With Larry Trainor

In 1961, the negative spirit was fused with another human when a specially designed space jet made contact with it, fusing with the vehicle's pilot Air Force test pilot Larry Trainor. The spirit remained within his body as the two crashed to the surface, allowing Larry survive what would've otherwise been a fatal crash. Larry would learn though, that the spirit also made his body lethally radioactive and forced him to recede into hiding with the scientist Niles Caulder.[2]

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