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The Negative Strength Force is the reverse of the positive Strength Force in the Arrowverse Multiverse. It allows its conduits to enhance their physical abilities and centers around negative emotions. It also uses Alexa Rivera/Fuerza as its physical avatar on Earth.



Negative Strength Force 001

The Negative Still Force as Alexa Rivera

Those with access to the Strength Force can use a large number of abilities, usually revolving around gravity and the force of motion. The Negative Strength Force grants the users all of the abilities that the positive Strength Force does, such as the power to grow into a muscle bound monster, the power to create massive shockwaves by punching the ground, as well as superhuman physical characteristics.

Negative Strength Force conduits generate large amounts of kinetic energy that they draw from the Negative Strength Force. The color of the energy varies from blue to black. The protective aura manifested by the Negative Strength Force also is far more destructive than the normal Strength Force's aura. Should a natural Strength Force user be exposed to the Negative Strength Force, it will cause great pain to them.


  • The Negative Strength Force is a concept that doesn't exist in the comic books and only belongs to the Arrowverse continuity.

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