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Negotiators appear to be the spoke persons of the Reach Empire.

Their full political powers are never truly explained but they seem to enjoy full authority over Reach facilities on the planet they are assigned. The Negotiator was assigned to Planet Earth within the Sol system when the dormant Reach Scarab was activated.

Conquest by Diplomacy

Due to unforeseen events the scarab was exposed to Quantum Improbability Energy repeatedly in its inactive state, and was removed from its original resting place by Daniel Garrett before its planned time. The Reach Infiltrator Khaji Da was broken and missed its basic programming. When it finally bonded with its host Jaime Reyes it malfunctioned.

The Scarab program was absorbed by the Anti-hero The Peacemaker when he stumbled into the Tomb of Kha-Ef-Reh and discovered the Reach technology stored there.


Control Freak: Like most of his race, the Negotiator is an upright control freak. When plans don't work out like they were intended he is known to panic when under pressure which can blur his judgment.



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