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Fallout was an inmate at Iron Heights.

Neil Borman was a mason hired to do additional work at a nuclear plant. During a series of nuclear tests, an explosion destroyed a floor where Borman and his colleagues were working, dropping them into the reactor cooling system below. Borman was the only survivor, but the accident modified the molecular structure of his body, turning him into a being composed of high energy electrons. Borman, not realizing the risks to others after this change, inadvertently killed his family with the radioactive emissions from his body. Feeling the guilt of what he had done, Borman turned himself to Iron Heights, where he was secretly used to power the entire facility by Gregory Wolfe. When The Flash discovered this inhumane treatment and exploitation of Fallout, he forced the prison system to stop, ending Fallout's suffering as his body's energy was siphoned to power the facility.[1] After a time, and due to his loneliness after losing his wife and child, Fallout eventually grew to appreciate Iron Heights, even referring to it as "home."[2]



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