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Quote1.png As a designated seeker, I traveled across the Five Dimensions in search of worlds that could provide the fuel necessary to sustain our planet. Five million human lives will do that. Quote2.png
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Ulysses, real name Neil Quinn, is an enemy of Superman.

Neil Queen was the son of two scientists, Bridget and Peter. Both worked at a research center called Ulysses. When they were in the laboratory, dark matter penetrated through the portal from the second dimension and started the earthquake. In an attempt to save their son, the couple sent him through a portal into the fourth dimension where there were human-like lifeforms and energy that could potentially give Neal incredible strength.

25 years later, Neil, who received the nickname "Ulysses", returned and was surprised when he realized that his seemingly destroyed world is full of life. He was chasing his main enemy - the Cleric, whom Superman helped him to defeat. Ulysses found out about his personality Clark Kent and talked to him about the alter ego, after which they became friends. The villain Machinist showed Ulysses all the vices of humanity, wars, inequality, murder, theft, greed and much more. He convinced Neal that not all earthlings are worthy to live. Ulysses, whose measurement at that time was preparing for the Apocalypse, selected 6 million of the wisest and smartest people on Earth to reborn the planet into a new and wonderful world. Superman found Neal's surviving parents and they convinced his son to save humanity. The fourth dimension was destroyed, its inhabitants had nowhere to go and everyone died. Ulysses blamed Superman for the death of his house and entered into the last battle with him.




  • Power Instability: He can be overloaded and incapacitated, if he absorbs more energy than he can handle.



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