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The Mad Mod was a mod designer. He was an enemy of the original Teen Titans, but became an ally of Loren Jupiter's incarnation of the team.

The Mad Mod was a Carnaby Street fashion designer named Neil Richards. Although designing "ginchy mod wear" was his first, truest passion, he was also a criminal. Working out of his tailor shop, he used his clothing line as the vehicle through which to smuggle illegal contraband to other countries. To do this, the Mod would saturate his outfits with whatever rare chemical he was selling so that it soaked into the fibers. Once they cleared customs and arrived at their destination, he used a reagent to separate the chemical compounds from the fiber, making it available again for resale.

The Mad Mod designed special outfits for a popular American rock 'n roll singer named Holley Hip. Holley had no idea that he was smuggling the Mod's contraband every time he wore one of his outfits. The U.S. Treasury Department began to grow suspicious of Holley Hip and believed that he was working in collusion with the Mad Mod. As such, a Treasury official asked the Teen Titans to shadow Holley Hip during his tour of Europe.

The Titans accompanied Holley Hip to London, England and they immediately began investigating the Mad Mod. Kid Flash was the first to get a look inside the Mod's clothes shop, but the Mod's henchmen took Kid Flash by surprise and knocked him out. The other Titans came to "Ye Mad Mod's Real Gear Garb" looking for their teammate, but by this point, the Mod had already disguised Kid Flash as a manikin. The crew loaded Kid Flash into the back of a truck and started to escape. Wonder Girl intercepted them, but the Mad Mod ran her down. Fortunately for Wonder Girl, she emerged from the hit and run unscathed.

Aqualad latched onto the back of the Mad Mod's truck and rescued the unconscious Kid Flash. He took him beneath the pylons on the dock of the Thames and placed him there for safe-keeping. The Mad Mod pursued Aqualad in a personal watercraft patterned after a barracuda. Aqualad disabled the vehicle, but the Mod got away.

Robin and Wonder Girl knew that the Mod was on his way to France with another shipment of stolen goods, so they sneaked aboard his airplane and tried to gather evidence against him. The Mod discovered the two Titans and incapacitated them with knockout gas. He then kicked them out of his airplane and let them fall to their doom. The Mod dove after them with his own parachute, and grabbed a hold of Wonder Girl's magic lasso. He also stripped off Robin's Utility Belt, thus stealing all of the photographic evidence that Robin had on him. Wonder Girl recovered her lasso, but the Mad Mod got away.

The Mad Mod reached the Paris stadium where Holley Hip was performing. He needed to retrieve Holley's outfit, so he could synthesize the product that was planted inside the fibers. The Teen Titans caught up with him, but it was Holley Hip who finally defeated the Mod by smacking him across the back of the head with his guitar.[1]

The Mad Mod popped up again only a short time later. This time however, he sought to purloin even greater riches. He stole the royal scepter of the Queen of England. Once again, the Teen Titans intervened, but the Mad Mod was ready for them, and sabotaged their costumes so that they would actually hinder their efforts. The Titans discovered a way to bypass this setback by switching costumes with one another. The Mad Mod tried to escape, but began drowning in the River Thames. Aqualad rescued him and the Mod was taken into custody.[2]

The Mad Mod did his time, after which, he retired from the life of a petty criminal. The reformed Mod devoted himself to his fashion design and became a successful and immensely popular legitimate designer. Everybody wanted to get their hands on a "Mad Mod Original".

Eventually, the Mad Mod was contacted by Loren Jupiter and asked to meet with him in the United States. Jupiter was in the process of putting together a new group of Teen Titans, and asked the Mod to design their super-hero costumes for them.[3]

Richards believed in this team and grew quite close to them, often times disagreeing with Loren Jupiter as to the best means of handling them. He even designed the interior of the team's secondary headquarters at Knock Out Video.[4]

When Loren Jupiter's psychotic son, Haze, decided to avenge himself against his father for abandoning him as a child, he abducted Jupiter and Neil Richards, bringing them back to his old alma mater, the Cardy Boarding School in Maine. The original Titans regrouped to find Loren Jupiter and found Richards bound and gagged inside the old Titans Helicopter. Surprised to see him, they nonetheless freed him from the ropes.[5]

Richards was later present during the funeral service of the fallen Titan, Joto.[6]


  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.
  • Neil Richards is also known as the Merchant of Menace and the Gorgeous Creep of Carnaby Street.



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