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Neil Sandilands (b. May 1, 1975) is a South African actor who portrayed Clifford DeVoe on The Flash and General Abbot on Sweet Tooth.

Pictured: Sandilands as Clifford DeVoe from The Flash episode "Lose Yourself"

Professional History

Neil Sandilands is a South African actor and filmmaker with numerous roles in both film and television. His most notable performances include Titus on The 100, Clifford DeVoe on The Flash, General Abbott on Sweet Tooth, and Koro in Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.

Work History

Acting Credits

The Flash 2014-2023 Clifford DeVoe
     "The Flash Reborn" October 10, 2017 Clifford DeVoe
     "Mixed Signals" October 17, 2017 Clifford DeVoe
     "Luck Be a Lady" October 24, 2017 Clifford DeVoe
     "Girls Night Out" November 7, 2017 Clifford DeVoe
     "When Harry Met Harry..." November 14, 2017 Clifford DeVoe
     "Therefore I Am" November 22, 2017 Clifford DeVoe
     "Don't Run" December 5, 2017 Clifford DeVoe
     "True Colors" February 6, 2018 Clifford DeVoe
Ralph Dibny
     "Run, Iris, Run" March 13, 2018 Clifford DeVoe (Archive footage)
     "Lose Yourself" April 17, 2018 Clifford DeVoe
     "Fury Rogue" April 24, 2018 Clifford DeVoe
     "Therefore She Is" May 1, 2018 Clifford DeVoe
     "Think Fast" May 15, 2018 Clifford DeVoe
     "We Are the Flash" May 22, 2018 Clifford DeVoe
     "What's Past is Prologue" December 4, 2018 Clifford DeVoe (Archive footage)
Sweet Tooth 2021- General Abbot
     "Weird Deer S**t" June 4, 2021 General Abbot
     "What's in the Freezer?" June 4, 2021 General Abbot
     "Stranger Danger on a Train" June 4, 2021 General Abbot
     "Big Man" June 4, 2021 General Abbot
     "In Captivity" April 27, 2023 General Abbot
     "Into the Deep Woods" April 27, 2023 General Abbot
     "Chicken or Egg?" April 27, 2023 General Abbot
     "Bad Man" April 27, 2023 General Abbot
     "What It Takes" April 27, 2023 General Abbot
     "How It Started, How It's Going" April 27, 2023 General Abbot
     "I'll Find You" April 27, 2023 General Abbot
     "The Ballad of the Last Men" April 27, 2023 General Abbot

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