Nekron was an extradimensional alien who fed on the emotion of fear, specifically the most extreme fear of death - D-Fear. He was physically damaged by courage.

It first appeared attacking the JLA. On individual cases, the JLA members experience visions of their own imminent deaths, and as a result are filled with a resolve to quit risking their lives as super-heroes, and to disband the Justice League. Simultaneously, Green Lantern is overcome by Nekron, an alien who feeds on others' fear, and the creator of the other heroes' death-visions. (Green Lantern is the only JLA member immune to Nekron's power, since a Green Lantern must be born without fear; thus, the alien must defeat GL physically.) Wonder Woman rejoins the ranks [1], only to find herself the only member unaffected by Nekron's death-visions. Despite her rallying efforts, Nekron defeats the heroes, and then threatens to wipe out Midway City with a solar flare, unless Hawkman shows up to stop him. Still under the spell of fear, Hawkman has Hawkgirl leave the city, apparently abandoning his adopted home to its doom.

Hawkman and Wonder Woman work to evacuate Midway City before Nekron's solar prominence can destroy it, but Red Tornado, disguised as Hawkman, stops the deadly flare, sacrificing his own existence to do so. The other members, their natural courage revitalized by his actions, engage Nekron in battle again, while Flash locates Green Lantern. The powers of Wonder Woman's lasso and Green Lantern's power ring, wielded by Flash, combine to overcome the enemy's robotic creation, while Atom and Aquaman use the Sea King's telepathic powers to cause Superman to radiate powerful emanations of fear, luring Nekron to the JLA satellite. Superman's super-powerful fear causes Nekron to overdose and collapse in defeat.

Nekron shrinks down to his natural size - small enough for a miniaturized Atom to pick him up with the eye of a needle. He is placed in suspended animation in the JLA Satellite.


  • Empathy: He can feel the fear of living beings and use it to increase his size, but Nekron himself can't cause supernatural fear; he must use a special gas for this.
  • Size Alteration: Nekron's standard size is very diminute: He must absorb fear from sentient beings to reach human size or bigger.
  • Nekron was shown be able to drive and control a solar flare until the Earth, but it is unknown if he can really do it by his own power or external ways.
  • Nekron was shown be able to remotelly control his starship, but it is unknown if he can really do it by his own power or if the starship itself can keep a telepathic link with him.


  • If Nekron absorbs more fear than his body can still, it will overload him and he will lose all accumulated fear, returning to his original diminute size.
  • Vulnerability to courage: If he is near to a person who has remarkable courage (as Green Lantern), Nekron will feel pain.


  • Fear Gas (Fear Projection)
  • A giant robot
  • A weapon which can fire bursts of energy and manipulate matter, creating kryptonite.



  • This version of Nekron, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.
  • Not to be confused with Nekron, the demon.


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  1. After the events of Wonder Woman #222

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