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Nelson Jent was out of shape and out of luck. He had just lost his job, his woman left him, and he found it difficult to take seriously any of his friend Darren's warnings about his health. He should have though, given that he had recently suffered a heart-attack.

One night after a fight with Darren, Nelson ran after him to apologize, and discovered his friend being beaten up by thugs. Unfortunately, Nelson was ineffective in doing anything to stop it, and having forgotten his cellphone, Nelson struggled into a nearby phone booth, and started dialing numbers at random.

Dial H

Rushing into a nearby rotary dial phonebooth, he attempted to call the police, but instead dialed 4376 (HERO), which turned him into Boy Chimney.

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  • H-Dial: All of the transformations that Nelson experiences are due to his use of a mysterious telephone dial which transforms him when he dials 4376 (HERO) to become a non-denizen superhero.
  • S-Dial: When Nelson used the S-Dial, he transforms into a non-denizen sidekick to the H-Dial's hero counterpart when that hero form is used.
  • Nelson has been shown to use the H-Dial transform into the following heroes:
    • Boy Chimney
    • Captain Lachrymose
    • Skeet
    • Ctrl+Alt+Del
    • Iron Snail
    • Human Virus
    • Shamanticore
    • Pelican Army
    • Double Bluff
    • Hole Punch
    • Rancid Ninja
    • Baroness Resin
    • Cock-a-Hoop
    • Chief Mighty Arrow
    • Tugboat
    • Tree Knight
    • Daffodil Host
    • Flame War
    • Cloud Herd
    • Glimpse
    • Flash
    • ElepHaunt
    • Moon Monkey
    • SuperOmi: Queen of Soho
    • Secret Faction
    • Monodon Seer
    • Chimney Lachrymose
    • Pelican Bluff
    • Ctrl+Alt+Daffodil
    • Cloud Skeet
    • Flame Snail
  • Nelson has been shown to use the S-Dial to transform into the following sidekick:
    • Copter



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