Neptunians are inhabitants of Neptune.


At least three species of sentient humanoid Neptunians have been encountered:

  • Carter Hall, the Hawkman, found a Neptunian starship in 1941, and was forced to kill a rampaging Neptunian. This Neptunian was already born talking, had white skin, could emit heat-blasts from his eyes, and would be many feet tall in short time.[1]
  • Dr. Mid-Nite was once temporarily stranded on Neptune. The Neptunians seemed have evolved directly from plants: had green leaves instead of hair, pink skin, long fingers, roots in their feet (which they would use for nutrition).[2][3] It was later revealed that Dr. Mid-Nite had actually traveled to the Neptune of another dimension, in Hyperspace, not the native Neptune of the Earth-Two dimension.[4]
  • In 1945, a broken-off piece of the planet Neptune landed on Earth and formed a new continent. Wonder Woman fought some Neptunians there. These Neptunians seemed human, but with very different culture and values, and advanced technology, including Electric Pistols, Water Whips, Unbreakable Nets, Mechanizing Machine (which cause a slave-like state in men by extract salt from their bodies), Steam Gun, Cranial Subfusing Machines (that would devolve humans into tigeapes) and Atom-splitting Guns. They didn't have any women among them - they create humans from a process using salt water, but only men. They practiced slavery and had a warlike society.[5]

Powers and Abilities


  • Multilingualism According to Solo, the Master of Masters, Neptunians learn all languages, over interplanetary radio.[6]


Level of Technology:



  • Egon
  • Azala
  • Hydara
  • Solo

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