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Quote1 Neron's is the infernal will and the chthonic way! Neron is absolute! Neron is hell! Quote2
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Neron is a fallen angel of Hell who enhanced dozens of supervillains (and a few superheroes) in exchange for their immortal souls and in so doing granted them with heightened powers.

He did so by tempting them with something the victim would feel would be his or her heart's desire, in exchange for their soul (for example, when tempting Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, he offered to bring back his girlfriend, Alexandra DeWitt, from the dead). Neron was also responsible for the deaths of both Wonder Woman and the alien despot Mongul (Wonder Woman was soon resurrected by Athena as the Goddess of Truth, and later she returned to Earth as a mortal to resume her duties as a super-heroine).

The Rogues

Neron tricks five super-villains into causing a series of explosions that ultimately leads to each super-villain's death. When seen from the sky, the five explosions resemble the points of a pentagram and the symbol, combined with the deaths of the villains, creates a gateway which enables Neron to travel to Earth. While on Earth, Neron attempts to obtain a 'pure soul' that he could corrupt. Initially, this seems to refer to Superman's soul, but Neron ultimately seeks Captain Marvel's soul. In the end, he is thwarted by the Trickster.

Day of Judgment

Etrigan the Demon causes trouble in Neron's realm. Asmodel, a fallen angel, is being tormented when Etrigan shows up and summons the Spectre. The entity is furious at this and slices off Asmodel's wings, which is exactly what Etrigan had hoped for. He uses hellfire and an angel's feather to bond Asmodel to the Spectre. In the resulting chaos, which involves Hell's realms invading Earth, Neron attempts to claim the Spectre-Force for himself. This would have allowed him much more power and the ability to escape Hell for good. However, the Spectre-force chooses ex-Green Lantern Hal Jordan as its new human host. Neron is punished by his fellow Hell-lords for using Hell's power for his pleasure. He is "promoted" to the position of a Rhyming Demon, the rank Etrigan holds.


Felix Faust, with Neron's sanction, has been attempting to convince Ralph Dibny that he can resurrect his dead wife, Sue, with the assistance of Dr. Fate's helmet. Faust has been pretending to be Dr. Fate. Ralph reveals that he has known the truth for some time, establishes a circle of binding around the Tower of Fate, and defeats Faust, who reveals his plot. Finally, Neron appears and kills Dibny. However, because the circle can only be undone by the person who cast the spell that created it, Neron is trapped in the Tower of Fate with Faust.

One Year Later

Neron somehow found a way to escape Dr. Fate's tower, though the means currently remains unknown. Neron seems to have powers greater than those of a Rhyming Demon following Infinite Crisis (close to those from the Underworld Unleashed era). Neron made a deal with Kid Devil. Freeing himself from Fate's Tower, he offers the Society's Black Alice's dead mother's life at the price of several human souls, intending to use this exchange as a bargaining tool to induce the young magician to join the Society. However, Alice taps into the magicks of the spokespersons of the Society, Felix Faust and the Cheetah, completing the rite for herself.

Reign in Hell

In Reign in Hell, it is revealed that Blaze and Satanus attempt to take control of Hell during Neron's absence. Neron's forces lose the war, and Lady Blaze proclaims herself Satan, Ruler of Hell.


  • Demonic Physiology: Neron's physical mein is one of a muscle-bound evildoer, similar in appearance to that of a traditional super-villain. In truth, however, Neron is actually a shapeless, green mass of flesh with tentacles protruding from different points on his body.



  • Neron is also known as the Prince of Lies, the Devil, and the Howling One.
  • At one point in his life, Neron was demoted in rank and thrown in with the caste of rhyming demons.


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