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The New Adventures of Superman was the first TV series ever produced by Filmation Associates. It was extremely popular in its Saturday morning time slot and, despite having obviously been developed for young children, employed the services of several such DC Comics writers as George Kashdan.

These adventures were the first time that Superman (Clark Kent), Lois Lane and Perry White had been seen in animated form since the Superman shorts of the 1940s. (Jimmy Olsen had originally been created for the radio series to give Superman someone to whom he could talk.)


Design and animation[]

Many of the character designs (later based upon the artwork of Superman artist Curt Swan in the show's third season) stayed true to their comic book counterparts; iconic shirt-rip shots and related transformations from Clark Kent into Superman were incorporated into almost every episode, and such lines as "Up, up, and away!" and "This is a job for Superman!" were also borrowed from comics and the old Superman radio show. In addition, this series marked the animation debut of Jimmy Olsen and classic Superman villains such as Lex Luthor, The Toyman, and Brainiac. Due to a limited budget, stock animation was often re-used for certain shots of Superman flying or switching identities, while character movement was often kept at a minimum.


Producer Lou Scheimer also recruited Clayton "Bud" Collyer and Joan Alexander, veterans of both the Superman radio series and the Max Fleischer Superman cartoons, for the voices of Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane respectively. For this series, Collyer returned to the same vocal technique he had perfected on the radio show to provide the voice of the Man Of Steel. While in the identity of Clark Kent, Collyer would keep his voice lighter while projecting a sense of weakness. But when the mild-mannered reporter would change into his true identity of Superman, Collyer's voice would deepen dramatically into a heroic baritone. Alexander departed after the first season and was replaced by Julie Bennett in later episodes.


Despite its success, the series ignited the anger of a group calling itself Action for Children's Television, a grass-roots organization formed in 1968 which claimed that it was dedicated to improving the quality of television programming offered to children, due to Superman throwing punches and other action-related violence which the group found objectionable, but which in reality was doing its most to "stupidify down" television that was ostensibly aimed at children but had older viewers who were also interested in it. As a result, the series was soon cancelled, and future cartoons would not allow for such comic book violence.

Superman subsequently appeared in ABC's long-running animated series Super Friends (1973), produced by Hanna-Barbera, whose rights to DC Comics characters were gradually transferred from Filmation.


Season One (1966–1967)[]

The series premiered on September 10, 1966 as a 30-minute program named The New Adventures of Superman. featuring two "Superman" segments with one "The Adventures of Superboy" short in between.

"Superman" Segments[]

Episode Air Date
"The Force Phantom" September 10, 1966
"Mermen of Emor" September 10, 1966
"The Prehistoric Pterodactyls" September 17, 1966
"Merlin's Magic Marbles" September 17, 1966
"The Threat of the Thrutans" September 24, 1966
"The Wicked Warlock" September 24, 1966
"The Chimp Who Made It Big" October 1, 1966
"The Deadly Icebergs" October 1, 1966
"Robot of Riga" October 8, 1966
"The Invisible Raiders" October 8, 1966
"Neolithic Nightmare" October 15, 1966
"The Return of Brainiac" October 15, 1966
"The Magnetic Monster" October 22, 1966
"The Toys of Doom" October 22, 1966
"The Iron Eater" October 29, 1966
"The Ape Army of the Amazon" October 29, 1966
"The Fire Phantom" November 5, 1966
"The Deadly Dish" November 5, 1966
"Insect Raiders" November 12, 1966
"Return of Warlock" November 12, 1966
"The Abominable Ice-Man" November 19, 1966
"The Men from A.P.E." November 19, 1966
"The Tree Man of Arbora" November 26, 1966
"The Image Maker" November 26, 1966
"Superman's Double Trouble" December 3, 1966
"The Deadly Super-Doll" December 3, 1966
"Lava Men" December 10, 1966
"Luthor Strikes Again" December 10, 1966
"Mission to Planet Peril" December 17, 1966
"The Pernicious Parasite" December 17, 1966
"The Two Faces of Superman" December 24, 1966
"The Imp-Practical Joker" December 24, 1966
"Superman Meets Brainiac" December 31, 1966
"Seeds of Disaster" December 31, 1966
"The Malevolent Mummy" January 7, 1967
"The Bird-Men from Lost Valley" January 7, 1967

"The Adventures of Superboy" Segments[]

Robert "Bob" Hastings provided the character voices of both Superboy and the teenaged Clark Kent for all these segments.

Episode Air Date
"The Spy from Outer Space, Part I" September 10, 1966
"The Spy from Outer Space, Part II" September 17, 1966
"Krypto's Calamitous Capers" September 24, 1966
"The Man Who Knew Superboy's Secret" October 1, 1966
"The Deep Sea Dragon" October 8, 1966
"Super Clown of Smallville" October 15, 1966
"The Visitor from the Earth Core" October 22, 1966
"The Beast that Went Berzerk" October 29, 1966
"Superboy's Strangest Foe" November 5, 1966
"The Capricious Crony" November 12, 1966
"Krypto, Super Seeing-Eye Dog" November 19, 1966
"The Black Knight" November 26, 1966
"Operation Counter Invasion" December 3, 1966
"The Jinxed Circus" December 10, 1966
"Hurricane Fighters" December 17, 1966
"Superboy's Super-Dilemma" December 24, 1966
"A Devil of a Time" December 31, 1966
"Revolt of Robotville" January 7, 1967

Season Two (1967-1968)[]

With the second season the series was reformatted and renamed The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure. It retained both "The New Adventures of Superman" and "The Adventures of Superboy" segments in addition to new "Aquaman" and "guest hero" segments. These segments were all narrated by Ted Knight.

Season Three (1968-1969)[]

With the third season the series was again reformatted and renamed The Batman/Superman Hour. It retained both "The New Adventures of Superman" and "The Adventures of Superboy" segments and replaced the "Aquaman" and "guest hero" segments with new "Batman" ones.

Season Four (1968-1970)[]

With the fourth season the series returned to its original name and aired only reruns of both "The New Adventures of Superman" and "The Adventures of Superboy" segments from the previous three seasons.