"The New Deadwardians, Part Eight": The Restless are making an uprising in Whitechapel, in Zone-B of London, and they threaten to overwhelm the barriers and make their way into Zone-A where the Young and the Bright live. Chief Inspector George Suttle, hav

Quote1 I'll put that remark down to passion of the moment, Bowes. If my fancy is right, this "conspiracy" is precisely why they're dying. Quote2
George Suttle

New Deadwardians #8 is an issue of the series New Deadwardians (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2012.

Appearing in "The New Deadwardians, Part Eight"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Bowes
  • Sapphire


  • Salt
  • Sons of Adam

Other Characters:

  • Superintendent Carstairs




Synopsis for "The New Deadwardians, Part Eight"

The Restless are making an uprising in Whitechapel, in Zone-B of London, and they threaten to overwhelm the barriers and make their way into Zone-A where the Young and the Bright live. Chief Inspector George Suttle, having fought in the initial war against the Restless feels invigorated by the battle that faces him, but he has more pressing matters to attend to. As the army arrives to deal with the restless, he calls on his assistant Bowes to follow him to the home of Pretendleby, the artist who was a known associate of Lord Hinchcliffe, who was murdered, despite the fact that he was Young, and therefore undead.

Bowes is confused by the detour, but George explains that Pretendleby and Salt - a slimy man whom he encountered earlier - are one and the same. Salt had tried to cloud George's mind, then, and if he had succeeded he George would never have realized the truth. Salt - or Pretendleby - had murdered Hinchcliffe, trying to get revenge on the so-called Sons of Adam, after they made him use his magic to do terrible things. After hearing this, Bowes is especially annoyed, because, as far as he is concerned, the lives in jeopardy below are more important than the conspiracy George has stumbled upon. George responds that he believes this conspiracy is exactly why the Restless are uprising, and knowing that Bowes will not budge on this, he offers the man his service weapon, and asks to be left alone to finish solving the case. Reluctantly, Bowes returns to the fray.

George sifts through the papers in the art studio, trying to find a link to why Salt wants revenge, when he receives a phone call. The voice is that of the girl Sapphire from the nearby thirsty house. She has been caught by Salt, and asked to deliver a message: he is waiting for George at the foundry in Stepney.

At the foundry, George finds Salt preparing a ritual. Salt turns to him and explains that he wants George to be his witness and confessor, as the last ember of the last homicide squad. At last, George will solve the last great murder: The death of death; the murder of mankind. George makes to arrest Salt, but the man grabs Sapphire from the shadows, and warns that he will do her harm if George doesn't behave - noting that it was strange to find some leverage against him, given how rarely the Young feel anything for others.

George concedes that if he must witness, he must also understand, and looking over at the altar Salt set up, he asks whether the human hand upon it belonged once to Lord Hinchcliffe. Salt explains that the hand is now a potent talisman, meant to beckon the other members of the Sons of Adam to their location, for their doom. He claims that the Sons of Adam are the executioners of the human race. At this, George correctly deduces that the Sons of Adam coerced Salt into casting the spell that resulted in the Restless Curse. Initially, they had wanted to bring Prince Albert back from the dead, in order to bring happiness back to the Queen. Unfortunately, the spell had also revived everything else that had ever been dead, as well.

Salt has spent fifty years trying to put that mistake right, but it can't be undone. All that he has left is his vengeance, which he assumes will come soon, as he hears footsteps on the stairs. It is not the Sons of Adam at the stairs, though, it is Bowes and his revolver. However, when Salt hears Bowes' name, he reminds that names are power in magic, and uses the severed hand to cast a magical blast at the young constable. Salt then turns to Sapphire, and orders her to be his shield. Her real name, though, is not Sapphire, and she defiantly connects her knee with his groin.

Crying out in pain, Salt runs off, and George gives chase, until they are cornered at a balcony overlooking the horde of Restless outside. Salt slips, and nearly falls, but George grabs him. Rather than let George help him - and then arrest him - Salt uses the hand and George's name to strangle him with magic. However, the golden cross around George's neck repels the magic, and Salt drops the hand. When he tries to reach for it, George loses his grip, and the magician falls into the horde below. Within seconds, he is torn to shreds. Though Salt is dealt with, the Sons of Adam finally arrive, confused at why and how they did so.

Meeting at Chaney Row in Zone-A, Superintendent Carstairs chastises George for having upset the prominent lords who formed the Sons of Adam. Despite having been briefed on the whole scenario, Carstairs believes that their actions had principled intentions, despite having otherwise ruined the world. Firmly, Carstairs warns George to keep the truth quiet, claiming that a scandal of this kind would shatter society. As a servant of the crown, this is George's duty.

Determinedly, George reaches over to grab Carstairs by the tie, and identifies the tie-pin he wears as the emblem of the Sons of Adam. He demands to know why he was given the case if it was intended that the truth not be found. Carstairs had underestimated him; thought he wouldn't have any appetite for solving the case. George responds that it is ironic that Salt had more faith in him than his superiors. Coldly, George takes out his notes on the case, and, for the public good, he sets it on the fire.

Afterwards, George takes his hat and coat, and decides to go to the East End. It occurs to him that he can now do whatever he likes, and he is glad of it. His appetite has finally come back.


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