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New Fun (Volume 1) was a tabloid-sized anthology comic magazine featuring all-new content. It was the first publication of its kind, as previous comic magazines mostly reprinted newspaper comic strips. Published by the then new National Allied Publications, this magazine is also the first in a long line of comic books that precede the modern DC Comics.

The magazine featured a mix of comedy and adventure comic strips, the latter of which were rare at the time. It also starred a wide variety of characters, such as Texas Ranger Jack Woods, Secret Service Agent Sandra, time-traveling children Bobby and Binks, French Foreign Legionnaire Wing Brady, and vagrant orphan Little Linda.

Future Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster debuted in the magazine's very last issue, with swashbuckler Henri Duval and ghost detective Doctor Occult. This landmark comic series ran for only six issues, as it was quickly superceded by the smaller format More Fun Comics.


Index of Features

Short humor strips are excluded.


  • Jolly Roger becomes Midshipman Dewey in #4.
  • 2023: Super Police, Along the Main Line, Barry O'Neill, Bob Merritt, Brad Hardy, Buckskin Jim, Charley Fish, Doctor Occult, Don Drake, Henri Duval, In the Wake of the Wander, Ivanhoe, Jack Woods, Little Linda, Magic Crystal of History, Midshipman Dewey, Pelion and Ossa, The Professor, Ramblin' Jim, Sandra of the Secret Service, Skipper Hicks, Slim Pickins, Spike Spalding, Treasure Island, and Wing Brady continue in More Fun Comics #7.
  • Captain Spinacker continues in New Comics #1.
  • Skipper Hicks continues as Skipper Ham Shanks in Centaur Group's Comics Magazine.