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Galactica, the world that would one day become New Genesis, and its dark twin Apokolips came into existence after the war that destroyed the Old Gods and split their homeworld of Urgrund into two entirely opposite planets within the Sphere of the Gods. The beings of Galactica were

Quote1 New Genesis lies somewhere beyond the bounds of time and space... To me... It always seemed like a dream... A never-never-land. I came here through something called a Boom Tube several years ago. I stayed only a short while, yet even so, I felt almost... At home. Quote2

New Genesis is one of two home planets of the New Gods, ruled by the wise Highfather.


Galactica, the world that would one day become New Genesis, and its dark twin Apokolips came into existence after the war that destroyed the Old Gods and split their homeworld of Urgrund into two entirely opposite planets within the Sphere of the Gods. The beings of Galactica were born from the living atoms of the Old God Balduur; their counterparts on Apokolips from the atoms of a mysterious Old God sorceress. The inhabitants of Galactica and Apokolips warred with each other for generations, locked in an eternal battle; this was the Third World. In time, they achieved true godhood, and forged Supertown, with their world rechristened as New Genesis, dawning the Fourth World.

At some point, the New God Izaya came to rule New Genesis. The long war with Apokalips continued until the New God Metron proposed a peace treaty bound by the exchange of the newborn sons of Darkseid and Izaya, a move that brought about a tenuous peace that both knew wouldn't last long.

Some time ago, Apokolips' despot Darkseid visited New Genesis to encounter a young boy, a youth that was easily manipulated and corrupted by the evil God. This child followed Darkseid to Apokolips and became the Torture God known as Desaad.

In contrast to the industrial wasteland of Apokolips, New Genesis is covered in lush forests and grasslands filled with abundant flora and wildlife, alongside scattered ruins of Third World population centers destroyed in the long war against New Genesis' dark twin. The only urban location is Supertown, a floating city designed not to affect the planet's surface which is usually inhabited by a group known as the Primitives who decided to live a life free of Highfather's rule.[1] This planet also hosts a race of super-evolved insectoids know simply as the Bugs of New Genesis, who have come to be accepted as equals by the Genesisians.[2] Each Genesisian goes through a ceremony known as "The Rite of Ascension" that imbues them with power from the Source in order to officially become a New God[3].

New Genesis is the home of the young Forever People, created by Highfather Izaya by collecting five human children through history and raising them together in order to unite them as a team, formed by the Beautiful Dreamer, Big Bear, Mark Moonrider, Serifan and Vykin who can combine their powers to summon the powerful Infinity-Man.

At one point, a human man called Joshua Saunders was chosen by Highfather Izaya to be a living Avatar of the The Source, bestowing him a fraction of the entity's near-limitless power as well as a vast amount of universal knowledge, transforming him into a New God capable of replacing him as New Genesis' ruler in the event of his death. This man was since then known as Takion of the Source.[4]

Death of the New Gods

The entity worshipped by, and responsible of the creation of, the New Gods, The Source, decided to destroy his creations as a measure of being whole again. Using the Infinity-Man as a pawn, it systematically destroyed the New Gods from both planets one-by-one, and not even Superman's intervention could stop the massacre, with the only survivors being Darkseid and (apparently) his son, Orion. At the end of the conflict, instead of being destroyed, New Genesis and Apokolips were merged back into a single world, indicating that there was more that just slaughter in The Source's great scheme.[5]

However, at the conclusion of the Multiversal cataclysm known as the Final Crisis which resulted in the ultimate perishing of the dark God, the Genesisians were reborn thanks to the machinations of the Monitor Nix Uotan, with New Genesis flourishing in Apokolips' place occupying the previously known as "graveyard" universe Earth-designation-51.[6]

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The New 52
The DC Universe heavily changed its continuity into the DCnU following the events of Flashpoint in 2011. This was part of an effort to make storylines more accessible to newer readers, beginning with the New 52. This new timeline combines elements from the DCU, Vertigo Universe and Wildstorm Universe while drastically changing the origins and histories of characters.

After the Multiverse's reshaping by Doctor Manhattan, the gods of the Fourth World were reborn, with each universe in the multiverse now carrying a unique aspect of the twin worlds and their inhabitants. In the universe of Earth-0, New Genesis was reborn as a highly powerful empire ruled by the firm and mighty Highfather who still fights a never-ending war against his eternal enemy Darkseid; his rule here was sharper and less kind than that of his previous incarnation, his character more ruthless.

In order to finally destroy Apokolips, Highfather looks for the mysterious Life Equation which will give him the power he needs to put an end to the eternal battle between the God planets, waging a war against the mortal ring wielders across the universe.[7]

Points of Interest

  • Asylum of the Gods: taking inspiration from Arkham Asylum[8], Highfather requested Atinai to build a fortress to contain mad gods. It is described as "a maze of pure energy, so complex, so shifting, no one can ever escape it. Not even Highfather."[9]
  • Singularity Stockade
  • Supertown: Also known as the Celestial City, the floating home that separates Highfather's people from the Primitives and Bug People living on the surface of New Genesis.
  • Eternal Sea: A vast sea where the Old God S'ivaa was buried, awaiting his revival.


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