"The Pact!": This story is reprinted from New Gods #7.

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  • De-Energizing Bombs
  • Destructi-Poles
  • Electro-Axe
  • Matter Threshold
  • Radion
  • Element X (First appearance)


  • Dragon-Tanks
  • Impacter

Synopsis for "The Pact!"

This story is reprinted from New Gods #7.

In years past, Darkseid manipulated Apokolips into war by having his uncle Steppenwolf murder Izaya's wife, Avia. A devastating conflict began between the worlds of New Genesis and Apokolips. During the war, Metron of New Genesis created the Boom Tube for Darkseid in return for the "X-element" to power his Mobius Chair. This allowed Darkseid to transport troops and weapons anywhere he wished on New Genesis, but Apokolips was also devastated by Izaya's forces, and both Steppenwolf and Darkseid's mother Heggra were killed. After both worlds had suffered such carnage that their very existence seemed threatened, Izaya went on a quest for a way beyond war, threw away his armor, and found himself before a blank white wall. He thundered at it, "If I am Izaya the Inheritor--what is my inheritance?" A fiery hand appeared, and wrote two words on the wall: THE SOURCE. From that moment on, Izaya became a man of peace, and sued for an end to open warfare between New Genesis and Apokolips. A pact was made between himself and Darkseid. To seal it, they exchanged their young sons: Darkseid sent Orion to be raised by Izaya, now Highfather, on New Genesis, and Orion sent his son to be raised by Darkseid on Apokolips. Darkseid entrusted Highfather's son to Granny Goodness, who named him Scott Free. She promised to torment him so fiercely that someday he would escape from Apokolips, thus violating the pact and freeing Darkseid from his non-aggression agreement. Orion approached Highfather with a knife. Highfather offered his open hand. Orion dropped the knife, took Highfather's hand, and walked off with him.


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