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"Advent of Darkness": Yuga Khan, a New God turned into a Promethean Giant, breaks free from his long-time prison, and in his wake, he destroys the world of Velos.

Quote1.png I can only imagine what effect it would have on them to know Darkseid is not the worst of it... that there may still exist in a creation a figure who, almost by definition, is a greater danger that Darkseid could ever be. Quote2.png

New Gods (Volume 3) #17 is an issue of the series New Gods (Volume 3) with a cover date of June, 1990.

Synopsis for "Advent of Darkness"

Yuga Khan, a New God turned into a Promethean Giant, breaks free from his long-time prison, and in his wake, he destroys the world of Velos.

In New Genesis, Highfather wakes up from a nightmare where he sees Avia, his long-lost wife, turn into a skeleton in front of him. Commander Gideon, who constantly tries to convince Izaya to engage in a full-on war against Apokolips, sees the trouble in his face. Highfather wants to preserve the peace of New Genesis, but the dark clouds on his mind remind him of the imminent danger that Darkseid (and other more dangerous threats) poses. So Izaya commands Gideon to strengthen the army and be prepared to attack only on his order.

On Earth, Orion stops a group of thieves in a car chase and beats them, but he realizes that these humans don't possess even a fraction of their power and that he is the one enjoying the violence. A lawman reproaches him for interfering in police business. But Orion lashes out, showing his might as a god rather than a "super-hero." Dave Lincoln helps calm him down, and Lightray makes an impression of Orion that makes him laugh for the first time since he came to Earth. But the laugh quickly fades away as Orion senses danger approaching. Suddenly, the skies turn black, and everyone feels the terror now.

In Apokolips, Necromina asks Darkseid for permission to take command of the Dreggs. Darkseid has no interest in the undead, but she needs to earn his favor. Darkseid commands her to go to Earth and raise an army of undead to capture Orion. To do so, Darkseid grants her the power of the Mortis Mark, an apparatus that grants control over the dead, and she teleports to Earth. After she leaves, Darkseid kills the scientists in the room to prevent them from spreading the truth about the Apokoliptians' real source of power. He prefers to let the people believe that they need technology, which he controls, instead of learning how much power they have. However, while he kills the last scientist, his Omega Beam fails at first, and he feels fear for the first time as he senses Yuga Khan is free.

Appearing in "Advent of Darkness"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Avia (In dream sequence only)
  • Dreggs
  • Lt. Marvin "Buster" Jones (Single appearance)



  • Mortis Mark


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