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"Defective, Part 3": At Belle Reve, a more or less physically recovered Floyd Lawton attempts target practice and finds that his hands are too shakey to make the shot - a demoralizing realization.

Quote1.png I do as I am told. I am a warrior. I was trained to be a weapon to be fired. Quote2.png
Man-Bat Commando

New Suicide Squad #7 is an issue of the series New Suicide Squad (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2015. It was published on February 11, 2015.

Synopsis for "Defective, Part 3"

At Belle Reve, a more or less physically recovered Floyd Lawton attempts target practice and finds that his hands are too shakey to make the shot - a demoralizing realization.

Meanwhile, the Suicide Squad is tracking a clone that escaped from a Chinese facility where metahuman clones were being developed. Fortunately, they destroyed the majority of those clones, but the one successful specimen survived the blast. Rather than follow the clone, Black Manta suggests that they hide out in a nearby ghost town and await extraction. He explains that there are many ghost towns in China - some of which are modelled after American cities. The one they are headed toward, for example, is a replica of Metropolis.

Amanda Waller, calls seeking an update, and upon learning of the straggler, orders the squad to see him killed. Black Manta reports that Reverse-Flash is useless, since his knee went out earlier. The call is interrupted by the sound of the metahuman clone's arrival, and Manta orders everyone to be silent. Despite that, it senses their human breathing, and locates them instantly. As they run for it, Manta comments that he didn't sign up for this kind of mission. He had thought being on the Suicide Squad would be more rewarding. Incredulously, Captain Boomerang can't believe that Manta volunteered to be part of Task Force X. Manta explains how he lost the meaning and purpose in his life when he heard that Aquaman - his mortal enemy - had died. Realizing that he would have nothing to live for if he really did kill Aquaman, he joined the Suicide Squad so that he would have the opportunity to kill Aquaman proxies in a government sanctioned way, over and over.

Harley Quinn had reluctantly been dragging the immobile Reverse-Flash to safety, but his whining leads her to ditch him in the middle of the street.

Meanwhile, the metahuman attacks one of the Man-Bat Commandos, and tries to question it in Chinese. The creature responds that it is merely a weapon to be fired, doing as it is commanded. Confused, the metahuman wonders why they were commanded to kill his comrades. Angrily, the metahuman beats the creature near to death, but stops suddenly. Hoping to put the bat out of its misery, Amanda activates the bomb in its neck, killing it. This horrifies the metahuman, who wishes for no more death on either side.

Overcome by emotion, he crashes down on the street, only to find the Chinese Army has assembled around him. The general orders his scientists to control the clone, but he resists, tearing the helmet from his head. Seeing that they will not succeed in controlling him, the general orders him destroyed. Their tanks blast at him, sending him careening with the mock-Daily Planet building. From their various vantage points, the Suicide Squad watches the globe from the top of the building tumble down, straight at Harley Quinn - and all are assured that she will not survive.

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