In the streets of Jump City, Robin and Starfire are pursuing Mumbo. Mumbo is firing back with his wand.

Quote1.png The moment that I saw you, your magic casted spell. Mumbo and Mother Mae-Eye, you know this won't end well. Sweets, I love you although you look a-fright. Too bad for the Titans, this is mayhem at first sight! Quote2.png

Mayhem at First Sight is an episode of season 1 of New Teen Titans. It premiered on December 22, 2012.

Synopsis for "Mayhem at First Sight"

In the streets of Jump City, Robin and Starfire are pursuing Mumbo. Mumbo is firing back with his wand.

When Mumbo backs into an intersection, he notices the other three Titans fighting the other magical super villain Mother Mae-Eye. The two evil-doers make eye contact and instantly fall in love. Mumbo is so in love, that he begins to sing.

Mumbo and Mother Mae-Eye use their magic to create a wedding chapel with a gigantic wedding cake. They stuff the Titans in the cake while they magically invite all the other villains in jail to attend their wedding. The jailed-villains are spawned in the wedding chapel and watch as the Titans attempt to break free from the sticky cake they are trapped in.

Mumbo spawns a priest (who looks just like him) with magic. The two exchange rings and begin to kiss. As they are doing that, Raven uses her magic to steal Mumbo's water-spritzing flower off of him. Mumbo then uses his powers to turn Mother's flowers into a man-eating monster. The monster approaches the trapped Titans, but the heroes get away, thanks to Raven's use of Mumbo's flower to set them free.

Just as Mumbo is about to say, "I do," Robin jumps in and kicks the two villains in the face. The spell is broken and they are returned to the city streets. Robin says the wedding is off.

Slade appears and asks the Titans why he never gets to sing like Mumbo just did. The Titans back away slowly.

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