One day, Beast Boy excitedly runs to the washing machine in Titans Tower.
Quote1 Ah! I washed Robin's utility belt! What am I going to do? Quote2
Beast Boy

Utility Player is an episode of season 1 of New Teen Titans . It premiered on March 10, 2012.

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Synopsis for "Utility Player"

One day, Beast Boy excitedly runs to the washing machine in Titans Tower.

The clothes are finally finished washing. Suddenly, Beast Boy notices that he accidentally washed Robin's utility belt. The belt is broken and shorted out. Beast Boy panics and doesn't want his fellow Titans to realize his error.

Beast Boy sneaks over to Robin's room while the Titan is in the shower. Beast Boy then places his own gray belt onto Robin's costume, hoping the Boy Wonder won't notice.

The alarm begins to sound, and Robin rushes out of the shower. Not noticing the change in belts, Robin suits up and orders the Titans to move out.

In the the city, Dr. Light is attempting to make the Sun set with a new scientific gadget.

The Teen Titans appear, and Robin and Beast Boy take point. Robin begins to reach into his "utility belt" and throw gadgets at the villain. Of course, there are no useful tools in the Beast Boy's belt, and Dr. Light appears to be winning.

Robin pulls out a block of tofu from the belt and finally realizes that Beast Boy switched their belts. Beast Boy shrugs in embarassment. Robin uses this block of tofu to short circuit Dr. Light's suit. The villain explodes from the short circuiting, leaving him defeated for the police.

The Teen Titans stand over the defeated Dr. Light. Cyborg cracks a joke, and Beast Boy's pants fall down from the lack of his belt.


  • Raven and Starfire don't have lines in this short. Also, Cyborg only has one line at the end.


  • It is revealed that Beast Boy's belt actually acts as a utility belt and as a pants belt. Among the things inside the belt are:
    • Bananas
    • Frisbee
    • Bowl of dog food
    • Silkie Snacks
    • Hampster wheel
    • Tofu

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