"Last Kill!": Continued from last issue...

Quote1 From the moment you are born, I demand your total obedience, your complete subservience. You are to be taught that I am your God, that I hold your very life in my hands. And you will learn to view me with the respect I demand. Quote2

New Teen Titans #6 is an issue of the series New Teen Titans (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 1981.

Appearing in "Last Kill!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Grool (Single appearance)
  • Queen of Xynthia (Only appearance; dies)
  • Ruda (Only appearance; dies)




Synopsis for "Last Kill!"

Continued from last issue...

Trigon is shown appearing with Raven to his world, the people are forced to hail the king. A little girl calls him a monster and he makes her suffer, Raven absorbs the pain but it's futile cause he incinerates the girl moments after Raven saves her. Trigon then returns to his castle were the they use the cosmic cannon to destroy the planet Xynthia that refuses to bow to Trigon. After which he wonders if Earth will be destroyed this easily. While back in temple Azarath, Arella tells the story of her life as the Teen Titans urge the monks to at least get them to Trigon's world, which they show them the way. Arella leads on as the guide and takes them to Trigon's world. Upon arrival, Kid Flash starts to do a reconnaissance and immediately runs into Trigon and finds the Titans knocked unconscious. Arella frees Raven during the brief battle and flees with her. Trigon turns his world ablaze until the pain of the people is unbearable and Arella and Raven give themselves up and in an instant Trigon appears. Arella creates a diverson while Raven seeks out the Teen Titans. They are freed from one of Trigon's dungeon and quickly devise a plan that will prevent Trigon from entering Earth's dimension. With every member in unison, The Teen Titans weaken Trigon, the final blow coming as Cyborg connects to Koriand'r and gives him a high powered bolt that sends him into the netherverse which was opened up by Kid Flash. The last act is when Arella jumps in to the portal and sacrifices herself to be the guardian of the gate to be forever at war with Trigon.


  • The origin of Arella is revealed in this issue.
  • Grool is one of Trigon's minions.
  • It is never fully explained how Wally West's super-speed can open up dimensional portals. It may be assumed that Arella took measures to assist Wally with this feat.


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