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"A Day in the Lives...": Donna Troy does a photo shoot for the Silver Fox Advertizing agency. An uncooperative model and an unrealistic client prove to most exasperating for her until her friend and teammate Koriand'r arrives at the shoot. Don

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New Teen Titans #8 is an issue of the series New Teen Titans (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 1981.

Synopsis for "A Day in the Lives..."

Donna Troy does a photo shoot for the Silver Fox Advertizing agency. An uncooperative model and an unrealistic client prove to most exasperating for her until her friend and teammate Koriand'r arrives at the shoot. Donna's client, Sergio Delevi, is immediately taken with the Tamaranean princess and wants her to be his next "Golden Jeans" girl. Donna and Kory leave for a lunch date and Donna introduces her to her new boyfriend Terry Long.

At Titans Tower I, Raven sits in her room and peruses a brochure for Manhattan College. She sends out her soul-self to fly across town and survey the college campus. Her soul-self witnesses a terrorist attack at the university and it quickly locates bombs planted throughout the campus. The soul-self absorbs the bombs into its dimensional matter and they disappear. Unfortunately, the emergency has separated Raven from her soul for too long and the results are catastrophic. Raven's mind plunges into a twisting panorama of spiritual torment. She steels herself however and resists the psychotropic effects, eventually overcoming them. A feeling of pride washes over her as she realizes that she has developed a sense of inner strength that not even the pacifists of Azarath could hope to acquire.

Elsewhere, Jeremy Thornton, a board member for Dayton Industries takes his grandson to a midtown toy shop. He tells the proprietor that he received a notice indicating that he was in receipt of one free toy. The proprietor tells him that only select citizens were sent invitations in order to promote the toy store's grand opening. He hands Jeremy's grandson a toy puppet. From a hidden location, the Puppeteer watches the incident with great interest. His plans are slowly coming together.

Meanwhile, Changeling visits Vic Stone. He asks if Vic is going to move out of his apartment now that he has inherited his father's money, but Vic decides to stay where he is. Gar receives a telephone call from his father's business manager Vernon Questor. Questor tells him that two board members for Dayton Industries have been assassinated.

While Gar leaves for Dayton Estates, Vic takes a walk to the brownstone of his old girlfriend Marcy Reynolds. This is the first time that Marcy has seen him since the accident that turned Vic Stone into a Cyborg. When Victor confronts Marcy about avoiding him, she is horrified to see what Victor has become and wails that Victor should have died instead. Heartbroken, but keeping the depth of his feelings to himself, Victor shrugs off her excuses that her parents forbid her from seeing him and leaves.

Brooding at this rejection, Victor strolls across Central Park when he is suddenly struck in the head by a baseball. A young boy runs over to retrieve it and Vic is concerned that his cybernetic enhancements will terrify the child. As it turns out however, the boy has a prosthetic limb of his own. He is not only not horrified by Victor, but is actually jealous that Vic's prosthetics are "shinier" than his own. The boy's teacher, Sarah Simms, walks over to them accompanied by several more children who are awestruck at Victor's impressive implants. She introduces herself and tells Vic that she is a teacher who helps handicapped children deal with their disabilities. When the kids plead for Victor to join their baseball game, Victor feels that has earned himself some long overdue fun and decides to play ball with the kids.

In Blue Valley, Nebraska, Wally West has dinner with his parents. Wally wants to start going to college, but he's not sure if he will be able to balance both his studies and his super-hero activities as Kid Flash. His parents are very supportive of him and are confident that Wally will make the best decision.

That evening, Jeremy Thornton tucks his grandson into bed. He sits down to do some reading when he hears a strange noise coming from the boy's room. When he gets up to investigate the disturbance, he sees his grandson's new puppet standing in front of him with a six-shooter. A shot rings out and Thornton falls to the floor. Maniacal laughter echoes throughout the house.

Appearing in "A Day in the Lives..."

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Barry Allen (Flashback only)
  • Trigon (As an illusion only)
  • Candy (a model)
  • Carl
  • Jeanie (a model)
  • Jeremy Thornton, Sr. (a board member for Dayton Industries) (Only appearance; dies)
  • Jeremy Thornton III (Jeremy Thornton's grandson)
  • Johnny (a handicapped boy)
  • Sandy (a model)
  • Sergio de Levi (a fashion designer)
  • Soren Winslow (Behind the scenes)






  • Donna, Kory and Terry Long have lunch at Kahn Restaurant, possibly named after DC Comics publisher Jenette Kahn.

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