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"A Lonely Place of Dying: Part Four - Going Home!": When Tim Drake claims that Batman needs Robin and not Nightwing, Dick Grayson angrily leaves the Batcave, saying t

Quote1.png It's armchair psychology at best, lad, but as much as he would probably deny it-- I believe Master Bruce is almost as obsessive about family as he is about preventing crime. Quote2.png
Alfred Pennyworth

New Titans #61 is an issue of the series New Titans (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1989.

Synopsis for "A Lonely Place of Dying: Part Four - Going Home!"

When Tim Drake claims that Batman needs Robin and not Nightwing, Dick Grayson angrily leaves the Batcave, saying that he was taught by Batman how to be a man, and not how to be a kid again. A tearful Tim calls after Dick to no avail, but Alfred Pennyworth consoles him by reminding him that at least Batman and Nightwing will be working together.

At Titans Tower I, Raven receives a cryptic, anonymous call followed by a strange noise. Before the caller hangs up, Raven patches in the rest of the Titans. Cyborg manages to trace the call, and Speedy volunteers to investigate the strange noise.

Starfire and Troia rendezvous with Cyborg at near a telephone pole in a rural area. Vic hypothesizes that the caller had patched directly into the phone line and then driven onto the highway to cover his tracks. Without much evidence other than that the caller knew how to hide his identity, they return to the tower to see what Speedy has come up with. Roy has determined that the strange noise was a coded message. Raven indicates that the caller was not Tim Drake, despite the team's suspicions about him. Jericho indicates that the message must be given to Dick.

In Gotham City, Nightwing and Commissioner Gordon wait by the Bat-Signal for Batman to appear, but he doesn't seem likely to show. Gordon expresses his concern for Batman's stability, which Nightwing shares. Suddenly, Raven appears, delivering a data disc of Batman's design with a message to be viewed on Nightwing's micro computer. Raven disappears, they turn off the signal, and Nightwing leaves to join Batman.

The disc contains clues and records relating to Two-Face's recent crimes. Dick follows the new clues to Batman's location. Batman admits that he needs Dick's help, but insists that the plan be carried out his way, despite Dick's objections. As Dick sneaks into the basement through a back window, Batman enters from the front to find that the building's contents have been nailed to the ceiling, upside-down. The duo attempts to reason out why this is so, eventually coming to the conclusion that with the ground floor upside-down, the basement becomes the second floor. As soon as they discover this, Dick is cornered by Two-Face. Two-Face detonates a bomb, causing Batman to fall through the floor into the basement, incapacitated - along with Dick - in the rubble.

Back in the Batcave, Tim and Alfred realize that something is wrong when a homing signal that Dick activated goes dead. Tim is desperate to do something to save his idols.

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