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New York City became the home of Kirk Langstrom and his wife, Francine. As such, the city also became the base of operations for the vigilante-creature Man-Bat.[1]

During his time in New York, Man-Bat joined forces with Robin and Batgirl in order to stop the Outsider from melting away the borough of Manhattan.[2]

Shortly after, Supergirl started operating in New York as her secret identity Linda Danvers appeared on the soap opera "Secret Hearts".[3]

New Earth

New York was once used by the vigilante known as Nightwing as a base of operations.

During Nightwing's time as a vigilante in New York, the city was attacked by Two-Face and it would have been destroyed in half, if it wasn't for Nightwing's quick response against the criminal.[4]

Supergirl lived in New York for a while after Paradise Island's banishment to another dimension.[5]

Power Girl moved Starrware Industries' headquarters to Manhattan twice[6]-[7] after her original universe was destroyed during the War against the Anti-Monitor.

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