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"Newstime: The Life and Death of the Man of Steel": ===The Death Of Superman===

Newstime: The Life and Death of the Man of Steel #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of May, 1993.

Synopsis for "Newstime: The Life and Death of the Man of Steel"

The Death Of Superman

Written by Roger Stern, the story chronicles Superman's battle with the monster Doomsday which resulted in the Man of Steel's death. Public reactions to the superhero's death is met with global shock and sadness.

Superman's life is told from his origins on the doomed planet Krypton to his unexpected debut with the rescue of the NASA space-plane Constitution, becoming both a model and inspiration for a new wave of crime-fighters since the Justice Society of America.

Metropolis is reeling from the destruction and deaths from Doomsday's attack. Young benefactor, Lex Luthor II, take charge of LexCorps subsidiaries in clearing the debris and preparing Superman's funeral. Heroes, world leaders, and untold millions of local citizens gathered at the Centennial Park gravesite. The world lament that Superman was the most powerful man of our time, but we may never see his like again.

Who Was Doomsday?

Researchers from S.T.A.R. Labs and others give their information on Doomsday, but yet providing little answers as to his origins. Others believe that Doomsday is the Devil incarnate. Dr. Warren Clement of the Hutchings Institute believe Doomsday was the terrible results of a Russian experiment to create a super-soldier. Although the Russian government acknowledge that a score of secret genetics experiments had been carried out by the former Soviet Union, they denied any knowledge of Doomsday's origins.

A more widely accepted hypothesis of Professor Emil Hamilton is that Doomsday was of extraterrestrial origins not unlike alien foes such as Brainiac. The Federal Department of Scientific Investigation has launched a special probe into the matter, and a field team headed by the DSI's Dr. Darwin Jones is carrying the tedious task of backtracking along Doomsday's path of destruction in an attempt to discover where he came from.

While the world waits for answer, all pray for confirmation of Professor Hamilton's final words on the monster: "I most fervently hope that he was one of a kind!"

Is There No Justice?

The Justice League have reduced to only three members (Maxima, Bloodwynd, and Guy Gardner) after the rest were badly injured and couldn't continue in their heroics after their disastrous battle against Doomsday and the loss of their mightiest member. Maxwell Lord announce of recruiting four new members to the League: Agent Liberty, Black Condor, The Ray, and Wonder Woman.

While the U.N. gave a cautious approval of Wonder Woman being added to the team, the three other relatively unknown heroes were greeted with skepticism. Most particularly Agent Liberty, who was reportedly wanted for questioning by the U.S. government in the deaths of Air Force Major Charles Holcroft and Judge Ronald Kramer, two men implicated in the Sons of Liberty conspiracy. Representatives of many Third World nations are critical of Agent Liberty being a possible CIA mole. Regardless, only time will tell if the newest League can carry the tradition of Earth's greatest heroes.

The World Reacts

Superheroes, along with civic leaders and cultural figures reflect upon the loss of Earth's Greatest Hero.

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