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Quote1 You will find that kind of love, Yvette, but not if you shut down. They want us to be invisible... because of their own fears. They want to erase us so we need to shine even brighter. You are a beautiful woman. Big beautiful life, and sharing that life is what will change this world. Quote2
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Nia Nal is a reporter at CatCo Worldwide Media and a superheroine on National City who inherited from her deceased mother the title and the powers of the Dreamer. She later became the girfriend of Brainiac-5 and a member of Supergirl's team.


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Nia at CatCo

Nia Nal is a Human/Naltorian hybrid, born from Paul and Isabel Nal, on Earth. She also has a older sister, Maeve Nal. She and her sister were raised in Parthas, a peacefully community. At a young age, Nia realized she was really a trans girl and eventually developed the unwanted "Dreamer" powers that occur to one female in every generation in her family.[3][4]

As an adult, Nia moved to Washington, D.C., where she studied and graduated at Georgetown University, with a degree in international relations. Nia later became a political speechwriter in Washington, where she worked for the White House Press Secretary Cat Grant, under the administration of the former President Olivia Marsdin.

Reporter at CatCo

She was eventually sent to National City to work at CatCo Worldwide Media with the reporter Kara Danvers. In the city, she shares an apartment with her friend Yvette.[3][5][6][7]

As she adjusted to being at CatCo under Kara's wing, she quickly bonded with Kara due to her strong dedication to justice, and befriended her superior James Olsen. Following the new wave of anti-alien sentiment in National City after Olivia Marsdin's unmasking, Nia sided with the aliens, sympathizing with their plight as they suffered persecution for their special looks and powers. Encountering Querl Dox for the first time and witnessing the prejudice aliens face after his image inducer malfunctioned, she forcefully cooled the aggression and warned them against such prejudice under threat of endangering their business by unmasking the bigotry. She later assured Brainy over more support against the growing bigotry.

She later requested James Olsen to write an editorial to support the oppressed aliens, revealing herself as transgender for persuasion, which James stated would make CatCo seem biased, to which Nia countered that innocent victims of prejudice needed justice over balanced reporting.

As a prejudice-influenced prank occurred within CatCo, James defused the situation and sternly lectured the employees about inter-species tolerance, pointing out that ignorance is the enemy for journalists. Touched, Nia mouthed a silent "thank you" to James. She later tells James of her instincts saying something bad might happen, stating that the NCPD has every right to capture him if he puts on the Guardian suit again. Nia and Kara go to the loft of Amadei Derros, a man who they've heard can heal harmed and crippled people. Amadei at last awards Kara a meeting where he communicates his needs of having the option to recuperate people too. The following day, Kara and Nia are perusing the remarks area on Kara's Amadei meeting and they're loaded with negative remarks, a few including passing dangers against all aliens. Kara tries out another plan to Nia which would highlight an alternate National City outsider every week, permitting individuals to become more acquainted with them.

Kara and James notice Nia resting at her work area and when they go to wake her up, she forgets about it, disclosing to them she's been experiencing narcolepsy. Later, Nia appears at Kara's for Thanksgiving supper. They are joined by Eliza Danvers, Lena Luthor, J'onn J'onzz, Brainy, and Manchester Black. They are plunking down for supper when Nia specifies that she's heard the Children of Liberty have prepared "canines to follow outsiders".


As Kara confronts her over her fake narcolepsy story, Nia reveals her semi-Naltorian heritage and how one Naltorian female in every generation is gifted the power of foresight, including her mother. Using her dreams, she and the Superfriends head to Lockwood Steel Mill, and they figured out that Agent Liberty is Ben Lockwood, as his father died in the steel mill during Reign's terraforming, which began Ben Lockwood's ever-burning hatred towards aliens, and he founded the Children of Liberty to carry out the mission. They were eventually attacked by Lockwood, but Kara was able to defeat him and have him arrested.

As she and Brainy go out for supper, she explains her uncertainty over joining a team of vigilantes, Brainy gives a fastener brimming with ensemble thoughts and code name prospects.

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  • Precognitive Misinterpretation: While her prophecies are infallible, Nia is not, and she has at times misread events in her visions.
    • Narcolepsy: Nia suffered from narcolepsy, falling unconscious whenever she had a vision.
  • Power-dampening tech[11]


  • Dreamer suit: The suit formerly belonged to Nia's mother, who passed it down to her after she died.[3]
    • Dreamer's Gauntlets: Gifted by her boyfriend Brainy, these gauntlets channel Nia's powers.[12]
  • Legion Flight Ring[13] (Formerly)


  • Being a transgender woman who inherited her mother's powers, Nia is a bit of an anomaly. Previously, those powers had only been known to pass through generations from mothers to their cisgender daughters.[3]
  • Nia's phone number is 555-8010.[14]
  • Nia is a fan of Taylor Swift, and her favorite song is 9 to 5, from Dolly Parton.[15][1]
  • In the episode Rebirth, Lillian Luthor calls Nia as Dream Girl. In the comics, this is the alias used by her descendant Nura Nal.