Nick Bassaglia was a mob boss operating in New York City. He lived in a large Middle Hampton mansion with Trudy Powell.

Bassaglia pretended to be a retired olive oil importer, and did much of his legitimate business through Mason Oil Imports. One of his primary mob activities was the distribution of drugs, primarily heroin and cocaine.

The arrival of Velocity 9 on the drug scene hurt Bassaglia's business tremendously. He arranged to have it synthesized with the help of Dr. Conrad Bortz. However, shipments of the material necessary for duplicating the drug were intercepted by Velocity 9 junkies working for Vandal Savage. Bassaglia invited his neighbor Wally West to a party at his home, hoping to get the speedster to side with him in his battle against Velocity 9.[1]

The party was interrupted by two Velocity 9 junkies who had been told by Vandal Savage to bring back Wally's legs. Bassaglia's men were able to apprehend one of the junkies. He died before giving them any information, but they did find on him an address to Savage's hideout. When Bassaglia's men went to the address, Savage had them injected with Velocity 9 and made them bring Bassaglia to him.[2]

Savage was able to convince Bassaglia to work out a deal. They would become partners, using Bassaglia's heroin distribution ring to put Velocity 9 in the hands of members of the financial community, thus taking control of Wall Street. This plan never came to fruition, as Savage and Bassaglia were stopped by Wally and Dr. Bortz.[3]

Bassaglia disappeared for a short time. He reappeared later with Savage, kidnapping the young daughter of the wealthy Mr. Gilchrist, demanding five million dollars so that they could leave the country.

Bassaglia was finally apprehended by Wally, Mason Trollbridge, and Jerry McGee.



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