Quote1.png I did my time. I helped the government stop idiots like me for six years. And then...when they gave me a life back, I wanted to help. To serve. To make this a better world. Quote2.png
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Nicholas Cho is a computer security expert and nanotechnology researcher. He used his computer hacking skills to steal millions of dollars through identity theft, but reformed and spent several years working for the FBI in exchange for a clean criminal record. Karen Starr, his employer at Starrware Labs, uses his criminal past to blackmail him into accessing secret military databases to discover a weakness in the villain Crash. Cho later confronts her and forces her into admitting that she is Power Girl.

Although Cho resents being used as a tool by Power Girl, he accepts her apology and begins working as her support staff. Cho invented a pair of nanotech devices disguised as earrings that allow him to communicate directly with Power Girl while she is in the field and see what she sees. They have also been used to actively scan her opponents for weaknesses.

Cho recently passed along a large quantity of files recovered from a Project Cadmus server to Batman.



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