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Quote1 Know where you are now, Fatso? In the old days, they called it the Killing Floor. That's right. Livestock. On the hoof. By the dozens. Herded in, single file... to face one man... with a Very Big Hammer! Quote2
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Argus was a New Blood superhero, an undercover agent for the FBI.

Nick Kelly, born Nick Kovak, was a federal agent, working undercover in the Keystone mob scene. He fed all the information he learned straight to the FBI. The bite of an alien parasite gave him super-powers, tripling his strength and agility and giving him thermal vision. He used these powers to fight crime as Argus.

When Argus appeared in town, the Flash wasn't happy at all, especially when the news heralded him as "Flash's new partner." Of course, Nick didn't like the Flash either, calling him a "cocky, impulsive, hot dog."

The two of them did team up when they both were interested in a mysterious box left behind by the Combine after they left town. It turned out to be a large, morphing robot. Nick, using his thermal vision, saw its energy source, and was able to depower the robot. Emil Acquava, a Keystone mob boss, was also interested in the box, having heard from a former Combine agent that it held evidence to incriminate him of killing his successor, Boss Loman. Of course, that ended up not being the box's contents, but Flash transported Acquava to the police station in the midst of the mobster's ranting and raving about killing Loman. After this adventure, Argus and Flash at least tolerated each other.

When serpent cults started disappearing from Keystone City, Argus realized that Linda Park would be in danger, being the only reporter covering them, and came to her rescue when Kobra's agents attacked her at the station. Realizing that Kobra would also want her notes, they went back to Linda and Wally's house, where Argus suffered a concussion. He recovered soon, however, and provided Wally and Linda with a little background information on Kobra.




  • Argus' Hammer[1]
  • Ceramic Nunchakas[1]

  • In Greek Mythology, "Argus Panoptes" is a giant with 100 eyes. Kelly presumably calls himself "Argus" to reflect his ability to see much more than the average person.



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