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Harley Quinn's father Nick Quinzel was a sometimes-judgemental father with a shadey past, who would still stand up for his daughter when needed.

Nick Quinzel was a bit rough around the edges, and spent several stretches in Rikers island[1] prison before dedicating himself to his family, and Harley and her brothers were a bit of a handful. Nick was not a good childhood influence on Harley, and as a result, her choice in men was repeatedly said to be poor.[2]

Harley and her role-model father were estranged for some time, until she had begun to reform. The few times that he did visit Harley in Coney Island, he was initially critical of her lifestyle choices, friends, career and appearance; but would show more affection once he'd had a few drinks.[3][1]

From being in trouble in the past, Nick also had a healthy amount of caution - which proved to be justified when he had dinner with Harley, her mom, and Goatboy aboard a yacht. Sportsmaster and Clock King chose their ocean liner to rob at gunpoint. Nick had purchased an illegal firearm to bring along, and when Harley was ensnared in Sportsmaster's deadly trap, it was Nick who forced the recreationally-fixated villain to set his daughter free - with an apology. Expressing her gratitude, Harley wiped her dad's prints off the gun and planted it on Sportsmaster.[2]

Years later, at Christmas, the entire family visited Harley - unfortunately with bad news that Harley's mom Sharon had cancer - and tried to help with the preparations, which ended up with the dinner, the furniture and the Christmas tree destroyed. Nick sat on one of Harley's prized prop chairs and smashed it, though by the end of the night, they were united in their grief.[4]

As Sharon grew sicker, she stayed with Harley while Nick looked after their three boys back in Florida; until Sharon was finally on her death bed and Nick brought the Quinzel boys to say goodbye. Nick continued to raise Harley's three brothers in Florida after Sharon's death.[5]


  • Intimidation: Nick was no stranger to a firearm and how to use it to enforce his will.[2]


  • Firearms



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