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Quote1.png I am not a friend of Gotham City...I tell you this because I am Nicholas Scratch. Dweeb become charismatic celebrity. Sexiest man in America. Rebel rocker welcomed in the halls of congress. Beloved by rich, poor, and everyone else in between. Did I mention sexiest man in America? You are a fool in a funny suit. Quote2.png
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Nick Scratch was a satanic rock star and cult leader, and one of the biggest enemies of Azrael.

Nick Scratch's parents died in a car crash when he was four.[1] As he grew older, Nick became an overweight, clumsy, and cowardly loser. In college, he majored in astronomy because the study of stars allowed him to be isolated for long hours. He claims that this all changed when he was peering through a telescope and a light particle from a distant star struck his eye. Over the next few months Scratch changed physically and mentally, becoming handsome, hyperintelligent and almost superhumanly charismatic.

Within a year, he was the most popular rock star in the country. Within two, the confidant of some of the world's most powerful men. His greatest gift was his persuasive powers and ability to seem trustworthy – people immediately believed anything he told them.

Not satisfied with being an advisor, Scratch craved power for himself. He assembled a cadre of assistants, which he surgically altered to resemble devils.

When Gotham was decimated by an earthquake, Scratch decided that this would be his first base of operations, and persuaded government officials to quarantine the area. However, his plan to assume control over the city was thwarted by Azrael, who defeated and humiliated Scratch in public combat, after Scratch tried to frame him for murder.[2] This resulted in Azrael temporarily changing his costume to a predominately white one.[1]

After this scuffle with Azrael, Scratch became his joint arch-enemy with Biis. He tried to frame Azrael for murder again when he became the first patient at the new clinic opened by Jean-Paul Valley, Brian Bryan, and Dr. Leslie Thompkins. Once again, he failed.[3]

After several other encounters with Azrael, Scratch teamed with Biis in a plot to kill him (a plot which involved him dressing up in a duplicate of Azrael's costume), which resulted in Azrael and Biis falling out of a building into the Gotham River. Biis survived, and Azrael's costume was recovered, but not his body. Scratch was soon arrested.[4]


  • Charisma: Scratch's charisma is literally superhuman, bordering on mind control, in that he seems to be capable of convincing anyone of anything simply by talking to them.
  • Tactical Analysis: Scratch is a modern day renaissance man and is very intelligent, always thinking two steps ahead.



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