Quote1.png Thas not everything you got, boy. You still gots your soul. How 'bout if we play one lass hand? Your soul 'gainst everything I have here, my stuff and your stuff combined. Quote2.png
Nick Slick src

Nick Slick is a Fable who does not live in Fabletown.

Jack first came across Nick during the American Civil War. Nick was playing cards in a swamp when he offered to play a game with Jack. Old Nick initially won every game, taking all of Jack's possessions. But when they began playing for Jack's soul, But Jack had been losing on purpose until Nick was confident enough in his victory to wager his magic sack, Nick lost the last hand, and was forced to give back all he's won, along with his magic sack.


  • Immortality: Nick Slick is ageless, having been around for countless generations.


Nick carries around a magic bag that never gets full. By uttering the phrase "Clickety clack. Get in my sack!" he can suck anything, living or otherwise, Even the Grim Reaper, into it's bottomless depths.



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