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Jade was a member of Lex Luthor's Infinity, Inc.

Nicki Jones was a graphic arts student from the San Francisco Art Institute. With help from her grandmother, she was able to enroll in Lex Luthor's Everyman Project.

Nicki became Jade, though she was not quite prepared for the attention that name brought with it. A few days after entering Infinity, Inc., at her first public appearance at Metropolis' Thanksgiving Parade, she was confronted by Obsidian, the brother of the first Jade. Though Alan Scott intervened, Nicki was unsure about continuing to use the controversial name. Supported by Starlight and Skyman, she decided to go on.[1]

Jade managed to save several bystanders at the Rain of the Supermen, but took the plummeting of popularity hard.[2] Drawn by his uplifting speech, she followed Nuklon to fight Black Adam. While the others fled when they saw the onslaught,[3] Nicki did join the battle, but like everyone else, could not harm Black Adam.[4]



  • Nicki is a vegetarian.