After the murder of Tony Zucco, the police stopped protecting his family and the Maroni Crime Family hunted them down, burning them all with hydrofluoric acid. Nick Zucco, his son, was the only one to survive.

Rumors spread about Robin being responsible to Zucco's death at the hand of the Maronis. With Dick Grayson's breakdown at the police station about Tony, wasn't hard to believe they were the same person. As revenge, he targeted and killed nearly all members of the Haly's Circus, melting their faces with the same acid that killed his family, leaving only Clayton Williams behind so he could use him to lure Grayson to witness Clay's death. However, he was caught by surprise by Jason Todd and beaten into submission by Grayson.




  • Hydrofluoric acid

  • Melting Man was portrayed by Kyle Mac.



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