Nigel was an acquaintance of the witch Selena.

Nigel was a warlock, who had dated Selena, a minor witch. When Selena spoke of world domination, Nigel dismissed such claims as ridiculous and grandoise. Selena left Nigel when she got the Omegahedron. Nigel also was knowledgable about science and mathematics, as he worked as a math teacher at Midvale School for Girls. Kara, in her disguise as "Linda Lee" was a student in his class, where he posed a difficult question to the girls about exponents and population growth, asking them what the estimated population of China will be in A.D. 2040. Kara, who had been taught sixth-dimensional geometry by Zaltar on her home of Argo City, easily answered the question, causing Nigel to accuse her of rifling his files. Kara's friend Lucy Lane also warned her to tone down her book smarts.

When Nigel warned Selena that the Omegahedron was unknown on Earth and could be risky for Selena to continue using, she retorted she does not need him. Nigel reminds Selena without him she would still be telling fortunes at traveling shows, causing Selena to apologize and start making out with him. Selena then grabs Nigel's magic wand and transforms him into a ragged old man, where she and Bianca laugh at his haggardly appearance. Nigel later redeems himself by telling Supergirl that Selena's greatest weakness is her arrogance and overestimation of her magical abilities, and that she could be defeated by using her own magic against her.


  • Magic: Nigel possesses some magical powers, and a large amount of knowledge about how magic works. He also has some sense of independence from magic, knowing enough about science and math to teach it to mortals.



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