Former biochemist researcher of Waynetech was fired for conducting unauthorized and unethical research on human tissue. Unemployed, he was approached by Gerard "Jerry" Moss who offered him money to continue his research. Nigel accepted not knowing then that Black Mask was behind it.[1]

However, Nigel had no intentions of honoring his agreement. Nigel used the Translux serum on himself making himself partially invisible, as only his skin became invisible while his internal organs were still visible. Unfortunately, the use of the serum unhinged his mind. As he injected more and more of the serum, the invisibility effect later became complete, making him totally invisible.

As his mind became more and more unhinged, he began killing people who had hurt him in the past. He shot his landlord and decapitated his ex-lover. He tried to strangle his for boss who fired him but was thwarted by Batman. Still, Batman was not able to capture him because of his invisibility.


  • Invisibility: Glass has artificially induced invisibility from injecting Translux.



  • Power Limitation: The Translux serum invisibility effect becomes shorter as the body apparently becomes immune to its effects.



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