Night Force was an assembled group of reluctant individuals as a task force against evil supernatural forces.


The group was created by Baron Winters and consists of Vanessa van Helsing (descendant of Dracula's killer), Dr. Donovan Caine, and reporter Jack Gold. Caine, a professor at Georgetown College was experimenting to tap into the "energy of evil." This endeavor was subsidized by the Pentagon. To this end, he employed the abilities of Van Helsing, who was sensitive to malevolent forces. Gold was drawn in while doing an article on Winter himself. Winter referred him to Van Helsing as his associate.

Years later, an ancient evil surfaced, prompting Winter to again assemble the Night Force. This evil began infecting children, one of whom murdered his mother. Even before the murder, though, the woman's sister, Hally Davis, sought help from Dr. Caine, who refused her. Instead he referred her to Winter. Winter also culled the child's father, CIA agent Marc Diamond. Completing the team was a no-luck loser, Eddie Furlow.[1] Winter later enlisted Paul Brooks to do his dirty work.[2] Jack and Vanessa (who suffered a tumultuous relationship) returned when Vanessa's anger at Jack created a serial killer.[3][4][5]


  • Katina's name is sometimes mis-spelled as "Katrina".

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